Book review: ‘Excursions in my mind’ by Reynolds A. Frimpong

Title: Excursions in my mind
Author: Nana Awere Damoah
Publisher: Athena Press (London)
Reviewed by: Reynolds A. Frimpong, PhD student (Chemical Engineering), University of Kentucky, USA
Number of pages: 136
Date of release: 14 October 2008

Excursions in my Mind written by Nana Awere Damoah is an embodiment of empowering tools expertly crafted in a simple but awesomely engaging manner for its readers use. The author invigorates readers with the vivid accounts presented in the various empower series (an apt reference for the individual topics covered) by leading off with pertinent and concise anecdotes and closing with thought-provoking action exercises which elicit in the reader a new and refreshing perspective and outlook to life.

The series span an array of topics as diverse as the author’s experiences on which most are predicated. They encompass many day to day experiences of life about family, friends, divine inspirations, professional experiences, motivational pieces, etc that pander to the interest of many and can readily be identified with. The series begins with the author’s advocacy for the continued acquisition of knowledge in “Books and Knowledge”, something that resonates again elsewhere in “Continuous Learning” and further captures more themes through others like “The Tsetse Fly Approach” that certainly pique one’s curiosity. In “Continuous Learning” for example, the author draws attention to four empowering learning sources: experience, observation, listening and reading. Some of these learning sources are not the conventional forms known to many and are therefore marginalized. The author’s demonstrated ability, however, to severally tap into these resources as evidenced by the diversified sources of material, information and supporting quotes is a testament to the ideas and challenges he espouses in his book. The stand-alone nature of the series lends for easy reading of different segments at a time; but it is indeed alluring to want to drink deep after whetting one’s appetite with a mere sip.

With his experiences subtly woven around the stimulating and illustrative anecdotes, the author leads you through the excursions on a memory lane to identify with the issues raised. Whiles reminiscing some of your own nostalgic memories, you are suddenly led to chance upon or nudged by a captivating and enlightening perspective. The topics indeed border around familiar day to day events but readers will quickly be led to slough off any déjà vu perceptions to embrace the accompanying insightful empowerment. One will be confronted with issues which will invariably leave one saying “never thought about it this way” – the serendipity that initiates one’s empowerment will then be awoken!

As the author taps into his technical expertise and rightly encourages in his empowerment series on self worth- “Our beliefs about our abilities and the capabilities we have are usually the limiting reactants in the chain reaction of our lives. Life is a chain of reactions and it is a continuous process.” Excursion in my Mind is a conduit to awaken in you the desire to process your actions and reactions for positive rate determining steps instead of limiting ones. You are definitely encouraged to embark on the excursion in the mind; but be prepared. You will marvel at the gems dotted on the path and the enabling power that unravels in your mind eventually!

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