Amazon Review by Alexander Nuer

Nana Awere Damoah really uses the skill of a writer and that of an analyst to present this ‘semi-prose’, not only to the ordinary Ghanaian reader but everyone. The author touches in logics that dig deep into the potential, challenges, waste, strengths and hope that altogether epitomise the modern Ghanaian. An inspirational book and a recommendation to everyone who will like to ‘have a feeling’ of how the modern day Ghanaian probably feels about the state of affairs in the country. An interesting part of the book is the desire to workout a niche that can spur the country into a real middle income country… the use of many local parlance and terms in the book is likely to strain an outside reader sometimes, but I see Nana’s style as something the leads the reader to delve deeper into the coping strategies of most Ghanaians. Of course, he provides an appendix that serves as reference to most of the terms used. I really encourage scholars and people who would like to ‘walk the mind’ of the new generation of Ghanaians to read this book..

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