Cowries in a Calabash

Cowries in a Calabash

12 Sept 2021

One of these days, as a nation, we should have a deep conversation on what a job means in our present time. Nearly two decades ago, I read a book about Slash Careers, about managing multiple roles and jobs and side hustles. It was such a great insight for me personally, as I have always juggled my science and liberal arts interests side-by-side.

Throughout my career as a supply chain, technical services and manufacturing professional, I saw the shift by companies from offering permanent jobs, such as our parents had (some working in one organisation for their entire working lives), to turning jobs into temporary roles, using third party services to either provide labour or runs the actually services directly, outsourcing departments and services, using co-packers or third-party manufacturing sites and so on.

Today, in not a few countries, contract jobs which are renewed annually, is not uncommon. Jobs that may require only a portion of the 8-hour working day so you may find people doing a couple of such jobs to fit into a day.

Covid has come to even throw a new spanner into how work can be done.

What does the average young person consider a job today, in Ghana?

I listened to some of the interviews during the recent job fair organised by YEA. And I knew that the definition of a job may need a bit of upgrading here. The definition of a job may have changed and left many of us behind, jobless – per what our parents knew it as.

My serving today, from the cowries in my calabash.

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