Abubakar Ibrahim review I SPEAK OF GHANA

Have you tried to look into the mirror to understand who you are as a Ghanaian? What image did you see? I looked into the mirror and it threw back #ispeakofghana in my face!

Are you out there wanting to understand the mind-set of the Ghanaian? Is the Ghanaian that different from any other African? What’s the difference or similarity of the Lagos traffic jam and that of Accra, Johannesburg or Nairobi? How noisy is Ghanaian “lights off” (power cut) compared to the silent din by generators crying and begging for mercy in Abuja? Do the problems of the everyday Ghanaian speak louder than any “Gbeshie” (politically intoxicated) politician on a platform gunning for votes?I Speak of GH

To say Nana Awere Damoah has told the history of our time is an understatement. His new book yet to be launched in hard copy throws back nostalgic memories for those who have lived, are living and those who yearn to experience Ghana. For those who yearn to experience Ghana, perhaps your guidebook in simple ABC without much questions. And yet again if you are living in Ghana and want to wake up your conscience, slap yourself in the face, face some hard truth about the people we were, where we stand and perhaps where are heading this is your book.

It is the kind of book you read in hiding as a Ghanaian hoping the next person sitting next to you in that “trotro”, tram, bus, train or class won’t get to know what secrets you were hiding in reading. Shamefully telling of the Ghanaian and Ghana!

How many times do we read books about us without all the fanciful permutations, economic figures, unnecessary politicking, finger pointing and big English confusing everyone? This could pass for one written by your average market seller: hard truth, plain simple language, succinct and talking to the issues.

What language do you speak when you speak of Ghana? I Speak Of Ghana by Nana Awere Damoah is speaking to you, do you have the ears to listen?

Abubakar Ibrahim is a communications professional.

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