One day a guy posted a picture of a plane using a bad and unconventional ladder for passengers to alight because the regular ladder was not available. It was shared with the tag “In Mahama’s International Airport”, or something to that effect, insinuating that it occurred at Kumasi airport. I immediately told the guy the plane looked like an Aero Contractor plane (the picture only showed the first two letters of the logo) and that Aero doesn’t fly to Kumasi. The guy told me he hoped I was right. I said there was no hope in that; just plain analysis. I later saw the same picture on a Nigerian site that it happened in Nigeria. Then a video surfaced which made it clear it was an Aero plane. I told the guy – he said he hoped I was right. I gave up.

This year a lot of nonsense and falsehold will be shared by all politicos from all parties, sebitically speaking. On air, on line, in print, by phone, by any means possible. Just to get mileage from the mischief.

Don’t be a conveyer belt.

Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.

I did a status discussion in December 2014 on publishing and getting books on Amazon and other online platforms such as Azaliabooks.


A friend advised that I converted the discussion into a note so we don’t lose the details. So this is for that purpose.


First of all, let me list my general approach to getting my books out:


1. Get the manuscript done in Word doc format. I usually share it with friends for general inputs and corrections. Note that not all the recipients will feedback. Once complete, I also send to a few people whose comments I wish to include in the book. I am careful to let them know that it is largely draft at this stage.

2. The complete manuscript is sent to the editor. I always use a professional editor and pay for it.

3. The editor brings back the edited script with suggested corrections and areas for re-writing. I address all the corrections.

4. Stages 2 & 3 are repeated until editing is complete on the manuscript.

5. The manuscript is sent to the book designer. Usually, I would have sent the manuscript to the book designer at Stage 1 so he has a general idea of the book and so he can start work on the book cover design.

6. The first stage of the book proof (typeset) is done and sent to me by the book designer. Usually together with the draft of the book cover (front).

7. The first draft of the typeset book is read thoroughly for corrections. Sometimes, copying the text from Word doc to the design software will result in sections being omitted etc. If I can, I send the first proof also to the editor for inputs.

8. The needed corrections are sent to the book designer. Usually I do a detailed document with specific corrections on each page so he can get all the information required.

9. The second proof is sent with the book cover layout (back and front covers and spine of book, which include a selection of comments/reviews by the advanced readers).

10. Stages 8 and 9 are repeated until all edits are done.

11. The final proof is sent to me. If possible, this is in hardcopy so I can actually feel and appreciate how the book will be. This includes the cover.

12. Once approved, we move on to the printing or listing on Amazon.


For ebooks on Amazon, you have to use https://kdp.amazon.com/. All you need are the Word doc version of the interior of the book and the jpeg copy of the book cover. You upload and the files are reviewed. Once approved, you are on. It takes about a day or two for the listing to be done on all Amazon platforms. You have to indicate the price and how you will be paid. For us in Ghana, you can’t be paid by direct bank transfer, so you get payments via cheque.


For those who wish to list their books in hard copy on Amazon, please use www.createspace.com. You need pdf of the interior of the book and the cover (back, front and spine as one layout). You upload and it is reviewed. Once it is passed, it is entered into their database and listed on Amazon.


I also use www.smashwords.com for ebooks. I like this platform because it distributes to other outlets such as iBooks and Sony. For Smashwords, you need the same items as for Amazon Kindle: Word doc of book interior and jpeg of book cover.


There is the final platform I endorse greatly, especially for writers who wish to reach Ghanaian audiences. It is a platform built in Ghana for our own use. It is www.azaliabooks.com. The requirements are pdf/Word format of interior and jpeg of the book cover. Buyers can use mobile money or purchase vouchers to buy – very convenient.

Dear Friends:

Since 2013, friends of mine mainly on FB have been doing annual outreaches and donations to schools. Many of you will remember the re-roofing and rehabilitation of the Apagya R/C Primary School we undertook in 2014, raising over GHC23000 to bring smiles to the faces of the pupils in that school (see story in Daily Graphic – http://www.graphic.com.gh/news/general-news/33646-facebook-group-refurbishes-apagya-primary-school.html).

Last year, we used the money collected to donate desks and mattresses to Wa School for the Deaf last week.

However, the school needs 45 more mattresses and 20 desks. For this we need about  GHC7500.

Some friends and I are raising funds to fully provide the needs of the school in terms of desks and mattresses.

We aim to raise the funds by end March and commission work on the desks to donate with mattresses by end April 2016.

Seyram Ahiabor and I will be the contacts for any clarifications.

Please be rest assured that any assistance received from you will be accounted for and used diligently for the purpose of the project. To ensure transparency, we are happy to let you see the final accounts for the project (ie sources and uses of funds). Regular updates will be given by me and the planning team.

Kindly contact me via comments section below for details of payment modes if you wish to support this project.

You could also donate in kind (e.g. mattresses – per spec).

Thanks a lot.

NAD, for Planning Team


What is a gossip’s best attribute? I will tell you: The ability to propagate and spread information he or she haven’t even verified.

Are you a gossip? I am sure you said ‘No way!’

But we have many gossips on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Yes, you and I. We share news items which sound and read more fictional than Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. We don’t pause to crosscheck. We only want to be the first to say ‘Ei! Have you heard?’

Social media has made gossiping so easy. This election year, gossiping will reach sizzling heights.

I have said that in election years, everyone will attempt to buy your mind for a pesewa. The response? Take every news item or post with a container of vacuum salt. Analyse. Doubt. Critique. Use your mind.

Think before you forward.

Hello, my name is NAD, I am a high-tech gossip but I am working on early retirement from active service.

Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.

Last year, friends and family on social media, led and coordinated by DGG, raised funds for our annual charity outreach.

The initial plan was to build a wall for the Yumba Special School but because of the help of the Autism Help Foundation, the Northern Regional Minister got five projects from Getfund which included the Yumba wall so we decided to find another project to support.

After a series of discussions, the Wa School for the Deaf (a catholic organisation which takes care of people with neuro disorders) was selected as a beneficiary.

The planning team engaged with the assistant headmaster of the school, Mr. Bayo, who explained that they have about 55 students. A group from Netherlands had provided them with a school block and they needed about 45 desks and 55 mattresses as well as learning materials, especially those that could be fixed and dismantled. Plan Ghana had earlier donated 10 desks but the school needed more.

From the donations we received, we were able to procure and donate 30 desks and 10 high density students mattresses. Each desk cost 65 cedis and a mattress cost 110 cedis.

The donation was done on our behalf on 23 January 2016 by Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia, Afia Larbi – both members of DGG; Charles Atia, Vice President of Autism Help Foundation, and Charity Batuure, Upper West Regional Head of Autism Help Foundation (the one who helped with the cordination).

The Badminton Group of Upper West also helped with the donation.

The headmaster of the school, Mr. Samuel Babina, was happy and thanked the group and mentioned a few problems.

He mentioned there were many children on the waiting list but could not be admitted because of limited resources. He stressed that many just dump their children in the school and never visit because of the stigma attached to children with mental disorders.

The school appreciates more support. The Headmaster can be reached on (+223)205723660.

Find attached pictures from the donation ceremony.







When an issue breaks, I usually prefer that the opposition doesn’t pick it as an issue and run with it on behalf of citizens. You know why? Because once it becomes an issue between politicians, it becomes a game of football, a friendly match between politicians who are opponents in public and friends in private; the issue takes the form of the ball to be kicked about only on the field of play without any intention of scoring goals that count to the benefit of the citizens.

When politicians challenge each other, they are on a familiar terrain. They are comfortable. They understand their language. They have a lot of rehearsed responses and a long list of dropdown excuses. They automatically go into the mode of ‘You did it too; but only worse that we are doing’. The same nonsense, only managed better.

When citizens, ordinary citizens challenge politicians; when they challenge their governments on issues, the politicians become uncomfortable. They don’t know how to fight citizens who act only in their individual and national interests.

Don’t expect the politician to fight your battles for you. For the politician is the one who will ask YOU to die for HIS country.

Cry your own cry.

Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.

I have seen the list of 50 under 40 Ghanaian influencers and also followed the debate on whether the list and the outfit that put it together are both credible or not.

The debate reminds me of how we treat the list of Presidential awardees every year. Most of the time, we either focus on only a few names or tire ourselves out with arguments about the perception that most of the people on the list are friends of the ruling party and government. Which, to me, is sad.

I made time a couple of years ago to check out the names on one such natiional award list and was motivated by the stories behind the names. In our bid to bastardise, we usually miss lessons from the backroom stories.

Such lists are like the results of Miss Ghana or Miss Malaika: each person has a different view.

So this is my view: I have chosen to reflect on the names on that list. I didn’t know quite a number but for their peers to consider them worthy to be voted on means they are doing something worthwhile. I am checking their stories for some lessons and motivation.

We don’t celebrate one another enough.

Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.



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