Of Covid, Curves and Quadratics

The world in a state of entropy
Scatter scatter
A case of brownian motion
Electronics out of their orbit paths
Around the nucleus
Dislocated, disoriented
A pendulum on an uneven surface
Tick tock
Out of sync, out of tack
Humans pushed to forced deceleration
Fixed at home like atoms in crystal lattice
When health and mathematics merge
Quadratic equations that pour water
Preferable to curves of crests and troughs
A case of focus on instantaneous velocities
Gradients, dy/dx
Of linear and exponential progressions
And logarithmic growth patterns
Our world in a state of increasing entropy
Oh Lord, when shall we return to equilibrium?


(c) NAD, 06042020

Corona Contemplations Cut 4

31 March 2020
I have said this in the past: the politician is the least of our problems. We make the politician.
We are the problem. Corruption eh? We are. See how we jacked up prices.
Another example: a friend of mine who works in the micro-finance industry – a top guy – told me yesterday in a chat, “Ghanaians are loan takers. Never loan payers.”
We are undisciplined. We like to point fingers. It is alright if the shoes of responsibility are on the other feet. We don’t like to wear them.
You, yes, you. Look into the mirror. You have some adjustments to make.
Let’s use this lockdown to reflect.
Prof H Kwasi Prempeh just asked what would surprise me when I get back to town after Lockdown Day 14. I said “A clean city.” HKP replied that it is easy to do; what is more difficult is maintaining it.
My response? “Perhaps we will return with clean hearts and habits.”
Back to my corner.

Be Caught Reading, Not Caught by Covid-19

As we stay indoors more and more during this Covid-19 world, more people are looking for books to read to engage their minds and those of their children. I decided to list out some of the exciting titles which are popular on Booknook.store (ranked by sales, to be fair to all) so parents and everyone can know which options are there for reading for pleasure. At the end of this article, there is a link to see all the books by Ghanaian authors or about Ghana. Enjoy and be caught reading, not caught by Covid-19!
Children’s Books
1. Grandma’s List
2. Ananse and the Pot of Wisdom
3. Ananse and the Food Pot
4. Birthday Zoo
5. The Boabab Tree of Salaga
6. Escalator
7. Uncle Spider’s New Law
8. A Saint in Brown Sandals
9. Besewa and the Honey Pox
10. Suma Went Walking
11. Flashcards: Asante Twi Phonics (100 cards)
12. Mr Bempong’s House
13. Lami’s Nightmare
14. Recipe For Light Soup
15. Tales of Ananse: A 3-in-1 Tricky Tales of Kweku
16. A Gift for Fafa
17. The Girl In The New Dress
18. Who Told the Most Incredible Story (Volume 1 to 5)
19. Once Upon a Time in Ghana (Volume 1 & 2)
20. A Visit To The City
21. Kente for a King – Hardcover
22. A is for Accra
1. The Bold New Normal
2. The Fourth John: Reign, Rejection & Rebound
3. Death and Pain: Rawlings’ Ghana – The Inside Story
4. Is There Not A Cause…To Rant?
5. Highlife Time 3
6. I Speak of Ghana
7. It Takes A Woman
8. The Trial of J.J. Rawlings: Echoes of the 31st December Revolution (2nd Edition)
9. Strength in the Storm: When A Loved One Dies
10. Leaders Don’t Have to Yell: National Team Coach on Leading High-Performing Teams
11. Kwame Nkrumah: The Great African
12. Speak Like A Pro: 10 Commandments of Public Speaking
13. Unfinished Journey: The Life and Times of VCRAC Crabbe
14. The Corrupt Elites – Anatomy of Power and Wealth in Ghana
15. Snakes and Ladders
16. Abrokyire Nkomo
17. Dark Days in Ghana
18. Africa Must Unite
19. Motherhood 101
20. Sam: A Life of Service to God and Country
Fiction (Adult/Young Adult) & Comics
1. Kenkey For Ewes: And Other Very Short Stories
2. Of Women and Frogs
3. The Hundred Wells of Salaga
4. Changes (African Writers Series)
5. Aseye’s Journey
6. The Lion’s Whisper
7. Bukom
8. The Dorm Challenge
9. Karmzah: The Unleashing
10. The Girl Who Can (African Writers Series)
11. Made in Ghana: A Collection of Short Stories
12. The Justice
13. Ama: A Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade
14. Adabraka: Stories from the Centre of the World
15. Escape From Paradise
16. 3 Siblings
17. The Shimmer In the Photo Album
18. Rattling in the Closet
19. Those Who Wait
20. Betrayed By The City
DEXT Science Set MAX
Giant Puzzles (Africa, Ghana, Nigeria)
You can find out more about books from Ghana/about Ghana through this link:
Grandma's List2

Corona Contemplations Cut 3

22 March 2020

As individuals and as a collective – as a nation – we must know when we have to rally as a country and be one.

I also believe those who see themselves as influencers should lead the way in positive vibes in these tough times.

The least you can do as an influencer is not to mock the efforts of those who are leading to help us fight it. Bigger and more advanced countries are succumbing. This is the time for us as citizens to rally and help spread education and national concerted effort. And if we must criticise, please do let’s do it in love and with care.

In the end, there is more that unites us than divide us – surely one of the lessons of this Covid-19 pandemic. Life is much more than politics and, in times of crisis, even the cat and the mouse can board the same ship.

Back to my corner.

Corona Contemplations Cut 2

20 March 2020

After days of dual anthropological and etymological research, collaborating with leading social and linguistic scientists from over 100 countries, on the gender of this new virus, including a highly scientific poll conducted on this page – whose methodology is shared in the appendix to this report – we have concluded as follows: the virus is both male and female.

When it presents as male, he is called Mr. Covid Neville who lives at Community 19.

When it gets into its feminine side of things, she is called Ms. Coro Ɛnaa.

Thanks for your attention.

Corona Contemplations Cut 1

19 March, 2020

I have heard some text messages on air from people who say relatives arrived from abroad and are staying with them; indicating that government has failed to ask those people to quarantine etc.

The first rule of safety is self-responsibility. Your safety and health are primarily your responsibility before anyone else. Don’t abdicate that role. Don’t expose yourself. Ask those relatives to self-quarantine. Ask how it can be done. Educate yourself and take precautions. The government can only send you an apology letter if the unfortunate happens.

If you are my friend and you come from any of those countries and you ask to see me before 14 days, I will do video call with you and wave at you. I am responsible for my family.

This Covid-19 thing is no joke! World leaders are already saying that “this is a crisis we have not seen the like of in the last 100 years.” Countries with much better infrastructure are crumbling. It is no joke!

Sorry for this long post. Back to my corner.

Ghanamanosyncratisms – A Wordcast


A couple of years ago, a friend of mine in Senegal, who blogs about books and had interviewed me for her blog once, asked me to meet a young lady who was visiting from Senegal. The young lady was in Ghana and my friend wanted her to meet me and chat about Ghana in general. I met this lady (who was with a friend of hers, another lady) on my way to Cantonments for a program at Goethe Institut. So we used the route from the Spintex road Palace Mall to the Burma Camp road, behind the Airport. As we got close to the Burma Camp area and entered the military zone, more out of a deeply inbuilt habit than anything else, I remarked to the ladies that “this is a military zone so we are usually careful in this area.”

They looked at me with a confused expression and then asked “Why should one be careful in a military zone?”

I tried to explain and they still couldn’t appreciate my wisdom. It took me awhile to remember that they were from Senegal and had never lived under a military dictatorship.

The attached picture is a plastic chamber pot. It is basically a container. When it is produced straight from the factory, it is hygienic and as clean as the cup you used this morning for drinking water or your kooko or your beverage. But serve any adult in this container, in a freshly produced one, and the person will massage your cheeks with a friendly slap, at best. If you were to serve an infant from this same container, he will not cringe.


This is because the adult would typically have had prior experience linked to this chamber pot.

We speak of what we have seen and events bring memories, both painful and sweet.

If you are conscious of some of the events Ghana went through in our recent past, not all plastic containers have the same status.


January the 41st

Another great man
Passes on to glory
In January
Aged 41
Another great black man
Joins the ancestors
Aged 41
In January
Bright lights
Dimmed in the morn
Before the noon
One on Saturday
The other on Sunday
Two great black men
Aged 41
Extinguished in January
Both names with K
Rest in power

NAD, 260120

Sikaman Awards 2019

Compiled and Edited by Nana A Damoah
Contributors: Nana Kwesi Anapansu I, Della Russel Ocloo, Yaw Ansu Gyeabour, Theo Osei, Kojo Yeboah Machito
1. Losses of the Year: Confirmed death of the Tadi Girls (Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie, Ruth Love Quayson, and Ruth Abeka); Ahmed Hussein-Suale, investigative journalist and member of Tiger Eye Private Investigations; veteran broadcaster Afia Konadu; Pernell ‘Sweet Pea’ Whitaker; Robert Mugabe, our famous in-law; Kofi Blankson Ocansey; Prof Fred T Sai, Emeritus Prof. J.H. Kwabena Nketia, Brigadier General Martin K.G Ahiaglo (Rtd). May the departed souls rest in perfect peace.
2. Sikamanians of the Year: Ghanaian female scientists who won major awards and grants for their research. Dr Priscilla Kolibea Mante won the L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science International Rising Talent Award. She was also part of four female scientists, that included Dr Mavis Owureku-Asare, Dr Mercy Badu and Dr Edem Mahu who won grants under the OWSD Early Career fellowship programme to further their research programs. Kudos to them and more vim to STEM, especially for females.
3. Yɛ-Wɔ-Kromer of the Year: Samuel Atta-Mensah, aka Sammens. He got us all raving again about Ghana Rice and kickstarted a serious movement to Eat Ghana (Rice). Many Ghanaians tried Ghana Rice again after many decades due to his campaign to eat Ghana rice.
4. Entrepreneur of the Year: Selorm Betepe of Seloart Group. In the year under review, Seloart, a Ghanaian-owned sign making company, Seloart, opened a state-of-the-art sign making factory and its head office at Pokuase in Accra. This journey from a roadside sign making enterprise, which started in 2005, to this milestone inspired us all.
5. Most Popular Sikamanian: Nana Appiah Mensah, popularly known as NAM1, boss of Zylofon Media and Menzgold. He continues to issue press releases as his customers await release of their funds.
6. Seetay Waa Moment of the Year: The Referendum which never was, the consensus which never counted and the arguments which all went limb.
7. DaySpringer of the Year: Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu who “become the youngest Professor in recent times at 34.” The report added that “…the renowned Prostate Cancer and Natural Medicine Researcher was HONORED WITH THE HONORARY PROFESSORSHIP in Research into Naturopathic Urology over the weekend.” (Emphasis mine). In the year under review, we moved from Honorary Doctorates to Honorary Professorships. Another Notable DaySpringer was Apostle Kwadwo Safo, who was conferred with Honorary Professor Emeritus Degree by the Bureau of Research on Governance, Commence and Administration’ (BORGCA) in partnership with the ‘Confederation of Governance Assessment Institute’ (COGAI) and the selection Committee to the Ministry of Education, Ukraine. Ato Duncan also received a Honorary Degree, which was reported by the Daily Graphic, on its front page.
8. “Sɛ Asa” Moment of the year (an event that finally happened after a long time of expectation or postponements or uncertainty): The pulling out of a gun on the stage of the Vodafone Ghana Music Award by Stonebwoy as Shatta Wale and his team stormed the stage after Stonebwoy was announced the winner of ‘Reggae/Dancehall Artiste of the Year’. The two musicians had been trading insults for months and that shameful incident was a wake-up call. Errm, what happened to that police case?
9. Traveller of the Year: Jessica Nabongo, a UN employee turned travel blogger, who became the first black woman of African descent to visit every country on Earth.
10. U-Turn of The Year: Andrea Pizziconi (The CEO of African Intergras who accused UG Vice Chancellor of sexual assault and later backtracked her allegations claiming he was rather misogynist)
11. Moving Target of the Year: When we will finish the National Identification Cards project. Proper deadline-on-wheels.
12. Most Misunderstood Abbreviation: CSE – for Comprehensive Sexuality Education. It got the religious leaders threatening to vote a government out – for the first time ever!
13. Popular Brand of the Year: Menzgold. The company continued to be in the news paa. At the time of going to press, we were still not sure if payments were going to be done.
14. Occupation of the Year: Intern.
15. Sash of the Year: As presented by President Nana Addo, Prime Minister of Jamaica, with the inscription “The Year of Retunr”.
16. Press Release of the Year: By Menzgold, for payments to be resumed to their clients, indicating that the lawyers of Menzgold will be managing the process. Less than 24 hours later, the lawyers issued their own press release, releasing themselves from the previous press release.
17. Investors of the Year: Investors of Menzgold. They taya “angasa angasa”.
18. Page Admin of the Year: ECG/PDS Facebook Page Administrator
19. Tagline of the Year: “PDS – Here to Serve”
20. Return to Makunse of the Year: The Second Coming of ECG. With dumsoric vim!
21. Missed Penalty of the Year: Baby Jet’s retirement and tirement (isn’t that what return from retirement meana?) within 24 hours.
22. Greeting of the Year: Good Ebening. Have Emery day!
23. Economic Statement of the Year: Free SHS will end dog bites in Ghana – Bantama MP
24. MP of the Year: Kade MP. He is the most hardworking MP, always working in the national interest, even when he is breaking the rules on his way to enact the rules that he will break.
25. Nkranwood Actor of the Year: The Kade MP. He is so much in love with the screen that he even says to the camera man, “Fiiiiim me well!”
26. National Interest Award of the Year: This goes to the Kade MP. No challenger.
27. Preacher of the Year: Fellow Compatriots, there can only be one winner from this mobile pulpit – Al-Haj Drabri Miharbi
28. Song of the Year: Things Fall Apart, by Kofi Kinaata
29. Spectators (Not Citizens) of the Year: Adenta Residents. After being Citizens last year and getting the footbridges done, they don’t want to use them. What this is that?
30. Occupier of the Year:Professor Kwaku Azar, for his fight for law school exams reforms.
31. Prestigious University of the Year: University of Ghana. It was just the happening place, simplicita! Drama, rumours, clashes, grades, ex and all!
32. Electronic Equipment of the Year: The Amplifier.
33. Traditional Medicine of the Year: Free SHS. What can it not cure?
34. Most Marketed Product of Year: Free SHS
35. Nocturnal ‘Bean’ of the Year: Nana Tutubrofo. He only seems to sleep during the day.
36. Boys Abrɛ CEO of the Year: Dr Moustache Indome. A really tough year for him!
37. Cartoonist of the Year: Tilapia
38. Campaign of the Year: Year of Return. It has given birth already to other returns through doors and windows in sister countries in the sub-region.
39. Midwife of the Year: The two midwives who helped deliver a baby in the middle of the road. The Public Health Nurses Rita Wurapa and Rose Ayivor were on their routine monitoring with the District Director of Health Services at Dambai in Oti Region when they encountered the pregnant woman in labour and helped deliver her baby – right in the middle of the road.
40. Domestic Product of the Year: Potholes. We produced enough and can even consider exporting some.
41. Initiative of the Year: War Against Indiscipline, by Citi FM and Citi TV.
42. Beachfront of the Year: Tema Motorway. Technically, we can now consider it a road reclaimed from stormwater.
43. Scarcest Item of the Year: Working street lights at night. Ghanaian streetlights are programmed to work only during the day or close to elections.
44. Most Illegal Structures of the Year: Those columns which do not allow the Speaker to see some MPs so they cannot ‘catch his eye’. Those pillars are so expensive that they got the entire nation hashtagging: #DropThatChamber
45. Architectural Company of the Year: Adjaye & Associates
46. Letter Writer of the Year: The Hon Ursula Owusu-Ekuful
47. Most Silent Politician: The Ambassador-at-Large, Dr. Two Sure, Two Direct. He will surface in 2020, for sure. In close second is Madam Akua Donkor.
48. Most Trending Politician: Hon. Aponkye
49. Subject of the Year: CSE
50. Social Science Lesson of the Year: “If I want lessons in good morals, I certainly will not go to a brothel for it.”
51. Political Admission of the Year: “The Alternative is Scary”. It also means the status quo should be tolerated saaa ara.
52. Billionaire of the Year: Shatta Bundle
53. Movie of the Year: Sex for Grades (BBC Africa Watch)
54. Table Shaker of the Year: Say No Xorse. He also gets the Award of Pro-Thinker of the Year, for provoking the Prestigious University of the Year to think and to stop producing…issokay.
55. Alumnus of the Year: Akrobeto, University of Ghana, Commonwealth Hall. V-Maaatey!
56. Cooperative of the Year: Sikaman Progressive Farmers Union, made up of 880,000 million members.
57. Editor of the Year: The Editor who edited out the Volta roads from the 2020 Budget. That editor deserves the Order of the Volta, Documentation Category
58. Publication of the Year: ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ Charter document which used a picture of Kenya on the cover to represent Accra. The document was launched by the President. Why not? Afterall, we rented Kenya’s President some years ago as ours. This is what happens when you don’t seek permission to use creative work. If the team that worked on the document had decided to find the author of the picture to pay for the photo, they would have found that the picture is of Kenyasi and not Nkran.
59. Designer of the Year: Richmond Bansah, who was tasked to produce the artwork for the cover page of the Ghana Beyond Aid Charter and Strategy Document. We got a Kenya picture for our viewing pleasure.
60. Resit of the Year: After failing to answer all the 16 compulsory questions, Finance Minister Ken Oh Arthur was asked to come back to add his answers for one of the questions. He said he was distracted by his home budget, that is why his mind was slippery like an okro on the surface of a mirror the previous day.
61. Appointment of the Year: General-Captainship of Asamoah Gyan, after he rescinded his decision to resign from the Black Stars.
62. Freeze Gaze of the Year: That of Obenefo Jumper in the Saga of the Sexaga movie by BBC. That gaze eh! It can even cause the running cedi to stand still. And, it is kinda sezzy too, you nom saying?
63. Vim Moment of the Year: The police were inaugurating a new station at Gomoa Okyereko, with the then-Acting IGP James Oppong Boanuah in attendance. They had a distress call that some people were trying to hijack a car. The police left what they were doing, chased the thieves, apprehended them and came to lock them up in the new cells of the new station! Talk of proper inauguration of the police cells! More vim to the police.
64. Literary Event of the Year: Pagya Literary Festival
65. Country of the Year: Western Togoland
66. Proud Moment of the Year: The Enskinment of the Ya-Na Abukari Mahama II after nearly two decades of conflict over the rightful heir to the skin. Long live the Ya-Na! Long live the Kingdom of Dagbon!
67. Shameful Moment of the Year: The chaos, fracas, slapping, violence and injuries that characterised the Ayawaso-West Wuogon by-elections. How did a by-election which couldn’t change the tenor of parliament become so bloody? Ah well. Is it not the same parliament where MPs exchange choice insults freely like election freebies?
68. “Do You Know Who I Am” Incident of the Year: When the Kade MP’s driver was arrested by the War Against Indiscipline Team. The MP made us realise that he is one of the most important persons in Ghana and his job is more ‘importanter’ than everyone else’s.
69. Father and Son Moment of the Year: Kwami Sefa Kayi to Sammy Gyamfi, “What are you doing in my studio after insulting me?”
70. Citizen Social Intervention of the Year: 1D1FF – One Day, One Facebook Fight. We at Sikaman Awards predict that in 2020, we shall move to 1D2FF.
71. Rolex Moment of the Year: When, during an interview of the newly-enskinned Ya-Na Abukari Mahama II, journalist Komi Tse asked: “I’ve just realised he’s wearing a Rolex watch. It’s an expensive and a beautiful watch. I want to find out, does he have a taste for finesse?”
72. Fashion Item of the Year: The yellow smock worn by President Nana Addo to the enskinment ceremony of the new Ya-Na. It got lots of people commenting on the pros and the cons.
73. Food Item of the Year: Ghana Rice. The campaign to get us all eating Ghana Rice was on point.
74. Environmental Tweet of the Year: By Donald Trump. “In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded. In coming days, expected to get even colder. People can’t last outside even for minutes. What the hell is going on with Global Waming (sic)? Please come back fast, we need you!”
75. Traffic Warden of the Year: Papa J at the Kpone Junction. The man is still of action!
76. Door-to-Door Campaigner of the Year: Jonnie Dumedo aka JoDo. On Valentine’s Day, he went campaigning and hugging and he got trending due to the wails and hails of his huggees and non-huggees. Since Legon is part of the Honey Hill called Wuogon, it was just apt that JoDo took a honey hugging hike through the caves of the enclave that encapsulates the thumbs that can help his road to Parliament. He is on step closer to that dream. Hug on, JoDo!
77. NGO of the Year: PNC. As for NDP, I believe they are on indefinite leave. PPP? Let me check and revert.
78. Drum Beater of the Year: John Mahama. He beat his competitors like a drum, in the NDC Flagbearership contest. He won the contest by 95.24% of the total votes cast. His closest challenger polled 1.516 of the votes.
79. Fight of the Year: This category had many contenders. But in terms of how far it went and how long the debate took place, we award it to Joy FM vs Government with respect to the “Militia in the Heart of the Nation” Documentary by Manasseh Awuni Azure.
80. Arrest of the Year: The ‘arrest’ of the foreign contractor at Airport Residential Area near Association International School by the fuming Roads Minister Kwesi Amoako-Atta, for works that damaged public roads. We all wondered where he was all the while when the excavation was taking place and what the local Assembly was doing. Already, the case make some way bi saa.
81. State Institution of the Year: Ghana Library Board. For their promotion of the ‘Year of Reading’, their Reading app and their renovation of a number of libraries across the country.
82. Malnourished State Institution of the Year: Special Prosecutor’s Office
83. Bus Company of the Year: Nana Addo Ambulance Bus Services (NAABS). We await the dispatch of the 275 buses, ei, ambulances to their constituencies.
84. Intended Project of the Year: The building of the National Cathedral.
85. Business Headline of the Year: “ECG to venture into data and broadband services – MD”. The report, by Myjoyonline, indicated that “The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited (ECG) is to utilise fibre optic backbone to venture into the provision of data and broadband services.” We only said Hmmm.
86. Community Project of the Year: The building and commissioning of the Amissah-Arthur Learning Centre (Ohawu Community Library and Computer Centre), named after former Vice President Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, led by Ben Dotsei Malor. Kudos to all who supported this awesome initiative.
87. Wedding of the Year: When the Prampram Fisherman decided to go fishing in the waters of Dufur, Oregon. He brought the entire world to Prampram! At the same event, he handed over his position as the President of the League of Extraordinary Bachelors (LEB). We are still waiting to confer this position on someone – quite some major names dey!
88. Tourism Ambassadors of the Year: Bob Pixel (Emmanuel Bobbie) and Yaw Pare. They projected Ghana through their lenses so so much!
89. Hashtag of the Year: #dropthatchamber. Notable mentions are #BringBackourTaadiGirls, #amplifiedbynana and #scam.
90. Poet of the Year: Jo Nketiah. She grew so much within the year under review and shared some poignant pieces with us. She also held her maiden solo show and was featured in an anthology published in the UK, performing during the launch as well.
91. Writer of the Year: Nesta Jojöe Erskine. He churned out some amazing pieces in 2019.
92. Multi-lingual Song of the Year:Skopatomana
93. Artists of the Year: Kofi Kinaata and Wiyaala. Kinaata carried the flag locally and Wiyaala carried the flag across the borders. Kudos to both of them. DJ Switch also gets a memorable mention for her exploits in flying the flag with her exploits at global events.
94. Explorer of the Year: The famous African explorer Milton Allimadi, from Kenya, who discovered London and gave the first river he saw a proper name: River Gulu. According to Allimadi, the natives call it River Thames.
95. Street of the Year: Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Street, formerly known as Tema Motorway.
96. Tourist Guide of the Year: Maajoa Asabea Yeboah. She travelled and shared with us some amazing places in Ghana. You can follow her blog at https://maajoayeboah.wordpress.com/ and follow her on Twitter @Maajoa_Yeboah.
97. Year of Returner of the Year: NAM1. From Dubai.
98. Boys Abrɛ Leader of the Year (Bibini Category): Efo Charles Komi Kudzordzi, the Supreme Leader of Western Togoland.
99. Boys Abre Leader of the Year (Obroni Category): His Haircellency Donald Trump. He ended the year with impeachment by the House of Congress. His fellow Haircellency Boris Johnson came a close second, but he managed to escape with a massive victory in the elections.
100. Girls Abrɛ Leader of the Year (Broni Category): Theresa May. She gave a speech in May, and resigned in June.
101. Boys Abrɛ Coach of the Year (Broni Category): Ole Gunner Osha aka Ole Noko Noko
102. Boys Abrɛ Coach of the Year (Bibini Category): Kwasi Appiah
103. Block Manufacturer of the Year (aka Nana Kwame Manasseh Award): Awareness General Francis Kennedy Ocloo, MHLL
104. Promoter of the Year: Se Lorm, the Signmaker
105. Discovery of the Year: Mr Eventuary
106. Chief Mischief Officer of the Year: Blaqq Qouphy aka Francis O
107. Facebookers of the Year (Male): Prof Kwaku Asare (Kwaku Azar) for his relentless fight for legal education access and Kwame Sarpong Asiedu for his advocacy on health issues.
108. Facebooker of the Year (Female): Able Delalie, for using her wall to educate on and champion health issues, especially for women.
Tilapia cartoon

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