​Rawlings used to be called Efo Commissioner. Kufour used to be called Commissioner-General. Mahama is the current title holder. 
I have been musing on how, in how many years, we complained about slow pace of development, wondered where all the money borrowed have gone to or been used for, yet how the flurry of commissioning of projects, completed and uncompleted, as well as the beginning of new projects (some, like roads, completed in days), in the past few weeks, have suddenly changed the narrative.
The politicians are very clever and they know how we remember only in brackets of a couple of months. I know this too. 
Anytime I do the categories for my annual Sikaman Awards and ask for nominations in the last quarter of the year, many people only remember events in the current month or the previous, hardly thinking back 10 months.
We do have short memories.
I was engaged in an online course for some years. Each week, students were expected to submit a researched paper on Saturdays, and to read and contribute to submissions of classmates. For the contributions, a student needed to do three to five posts over three days; you were marked down or considered as having skipped class if you waited and posted all your three submissions, at least, all in one day. The thinking behind this was that we needed to interact with both material and class, and get enriched thereby. 
The current practice of skewing all projects towards elections creates the enabling environment for our politicians to throw a few rainbow sprinkles at our electoral bridal party every four years.
Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.

Ho was Hot!

Collage of pics_Ho.jpg

Behind every DAkpabli reading is a great team. 11 team members left from Accra to join the Ho planning team for #RomancingHoSebitically.

Kofi Akpabli, Ruby Goka and I wish to thank the team:

Oscar Azameti
Fianu Clara
Abena Agyeiwaa Frimpong
Alexander Kwaku Adu-Lartey
Kwame Nyamekye (who came down from Kumasi purposely for the Ho event and returned right after)
Nana Elikem 
Kobby Blay
Elizabeth Johnson

Thanks again to the indefatigable Ho team:

Lambert Coffie Atsivor
Odadee Kingnobert
Richard Billy Hanyabui
Walter (Hope FM)
Kofi Gbedemah
Kwadwo Duodu
Fafali Klu

We are indebted to our sponsors and partners: WearGhana, Sasa Clothing, Norte Special Sobolo, MTN, Fali’s Fruit Bay, AJ’s Housekeeping Services, threesixty Gh, Citi FM, the various FM stations in and around Ho who interviewed us, the Ho Technical University SRC, Unicorn Car Rentals who provided a comfortable bus to take us to and from Ho, and Shekinah Glory Hotel, Sogakope, which provided free accommodation to the entire team of 12, including the chauffeur.

A special appreciation to the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creatives Arts, Mamaga Abla Dzifa Gomashie, who continues to give us vim. She made time out of her busy schedule to attend the reading, stayed till the end, spoke to the students (interacted after the event as well) and even read a poem of hers!

To all of you who continue to spur us on from far and near, Akpe!

To the over 70 book enthusiasts who came to HTU SRC JCR to listen to us and ask those deep questions, to the students and staff of the schools that attended (including the Headmistress of Mawuko Girls who attended in person), you are the reason why we will plod on to get Ghana reading again.

You can find pictures of the event here: https://www.facebook.com/ndamoah/media_set?set=a.10154749991381202.570051201&type=3

DAkpabli Readathon: enjoying the sound of the written word.

**A poem in response to Kofi Akpabli

From the first time 

I encountered you within

The three sides of

The isosceles triangle 

You have engulfed me

In the warmth of your


Mesmerized me in your matrices

Thrilled with your trignometry

And seduced me with your symbols

I have travelled 

Along your cartesian coordinates

Gone through alpha lows and zeta highs

Briefly plateauing at pi 

And tango-ing at theta 

And even ventured further

Taking our love affair from x and y 

Planes into the z-plane

You serenade me with your surds

Perambulating with me along 

Parabolic curves

You integrated me within

Intricate polynomials

Differentiated from normal integers

You have shown me affection 

In simultaneous equations      

I quake with fervour at

The intensity of your quadratic passion

You get me giggling silly 

With your lorgorligi logarithms 

You take me to the edge

Yet we seem not to touch 

Those edges

Close, always asymptomatic 

The gradients of our love affair 

Defy the principles of Archimedes

The Welstrass-Bolzano theorem 

And even the ubiquitous 

Pythagoras theorem 

Oh Mathematics! 

You take my breath away!

I love thee 

To infinity…

To the power n+1!
(c) NAD, 06112016 
*Picture is of a plate mat, taken at a restaurant in Athens. Took a copy of it as a souvenir. 

Next Stop: Horuby-goka  

Accra. November 2nd 2016. While still basking in rave reviews for its impressive Kumasi outing, the National Readathon Campaign heads off to the Volta Region to delight book lovers. Slated for November 19, 2016 at Ho Polytechnic, the event is dubbed, ‘’Romancing Ho Sebitically’’. At this much-expected session, the literati are expected to be entertained to a lively evening of literary pleasure and though-provoking discussions on Ghanaian contemporary life.

A highlight of the Ho Road Show will be the presentation of Ghanaian dentist and award-winning author Dr. Ruby Yayra Goka as the Readathon Guest Reader of the last quarter of 2016.

“I feel much honoured to be part of this movement. Indeed, this initiative is a great honour to every Ghanaian writer’’, said Ruby, who just won the Burt Award for African Literature for 2015, and is the author of 10 books which include The Step-Monster, Plain Yellow, The Mystery of the Haunted House and In the Middle of Nowhere. Six of her books for young adults have won prizes in CODE’s Burt Award for African Literature completion in Ghana.

Project partners Nana Awere Damoah and Kofi Akpabli have since 2013 worked together to promote reading for pleasure among Ghanaians. Their DAkpabli initiative also provides technical support for book writing and publications. Over the months the campaign has received a boost with the coming on board of sponsors, the latest being Unicorn Car Rentals which will provide transportation for the DAkpabli team on its regional book reading tours. Other sponsoring companies are MTN, THREADEX, WearGhana, Norte Sobolo, Sasa Clothing, Fali’s Fruit Bay and  AJ’s Housekeeping Services.

“We are delighted that an army of sponsors is gradually coalescing around our dream to make reading hip among our people,’’ said Nana Awere Damoah who is also a chemical engineer.

So far Damoah and Akpabli have produced public reading events at Coconut Grove Hotel, Vidya Bookshop, SyTris Bookshop, PaJohn’s, Jamrock Restaurant, and KNUST campus.

The duo, who refer to themselves as ‘’intellectual entertainers’’, have consistently thrilled patrons with excerpts from their books such as Romancing Ghanaland, Tickling the Ghanaian Sebitically Speaking and I Speak of Ghana.

With 11 books between them, the two writers continue on their mission to make reading hip again, and to take writing and reading to the level of pop culture. They believe that reading should be done for pleasure as well, and not only for exams and industry. According to both writers, the event also aims to diversify the social offerings currently available on the entertainment scene.

“Romancing Ho Sebitically” runs between 5.30pm and 8pm, and involves four rounds of readings from the works of the three accomplished Ghanaian authors.

About the Authors


Kofi Akpabli is a media consultant and travel writer whose latest work has been published in a new Commonwealth Non-Fiction Anthology launched in the UK in May 2016.  He is a two-time winner of the CNN/Multichoice African Journalist for Arts and Culture. Kofi has also won GJA and National awards in Culture and Tourism. He writes a travel column Going Places in The Mirror newspaper, published weekly in Accra.
Amongst his books are: Harmattan – a Cultural Profile of Northern GhanaRomancing Ghanaland: the Beauty of Ten RegionsA Sense of Savannah – Tales of a Friendly Walk through Northern Ghana, and Tickling the Ghanaian – Encounters with Contemporary Culture. Kofi is a member of Faculty, Central University. His scholarly interests include the research and dissemination of key values of African culture. Kofi Akpabli lives at a village near Accra with his wife and children.


Nana Awere Damoah holds a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nottingham and a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). A British Council Chevening alumnus, Nana works in Nigeria as a Technical Manager.
In 1997, Nana won first prize in the Step Magazine National Writing Competition. He is the author of six books: Nsempiisms, Sebitically Speaking, I Speak of Ghana, Tales from Different Tails, Through the Gates of Thought, and Excursions in my Mind. His sixth book, Nsempiisms, was just released on Amazon globally in October 2016. Nana Awere Damoah is married with three children. He divides his time between Lagos and Tema.


Dr Ruby Yayra Goka is a dentist by profession. She is also a six-time Burt Award for African Literature winner for her educative young adult books. When she isn’t holding conversations with imaginary people in her head, she will be found either reading, gardening, travelling or spending time with her two dogs and turtle.

When I was learning to stride the Unicorn in the town Osagyefo built, my colleagues used to make fun of those of us who didn’t indulge in the water-like substance (and associated forms of same) Wofa Kapokyikyi favoured. However, when we went out for functions, the Safety Manager would point to people like us and ask our colleagues to get us to drive them home if they felt the earth was moving too frequently at the end of the events.

At every funeral in Sikaman, it is deemed wise if there are a few people who can be trusted to keep sober when the drink Kofi Akpabli calls ‘Yes We Can’ flows like a river. The entire populace of the village cannot, and should never, be drunk at the same time.
Like this drink, politics has a great potency of making us drunk. But, in the same way, we should have a portion of the village keeping away from drinking deep; ideally, not even tasting at all. The entire village cannot be in political stupor at the same time.
This is why it is worrying that our chiefs are not just tasting this drink of politics but actually running their own blue kiosks and selecting their drinking partners and clients. 
In this nation, who speaks and all the various shades of political parties listen to with respect? How many of our elders can we trust as the proverbial old lady that we all run to for balanced advice and wisdom? How many people do we have in Sikaman presently who transcend our political fiefdoms?
We say “sε opanin dware wie a na nsuo asa”; the elder finishes bathing, then the water is finished, meaning “when an elderly person finishes talking, all other talk must cease”. But what if the Opanyin rushes to start bathing before everyone else? 
Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.

​Fresh on Amazon in paperback!
Listed as one of the top ten exceptional non-fiction writers from Ghana by Gird Center, Nana Awere Damoah brings to his readers another must-read, this time a fast-paced, short, straight-to-the-point, shot-from-the-hip, collection. The author proves why he is seen as one of the rising voices of his homeland, using words to speak truth to power. 
“Nana Awere Damoah is a multi-talented writer [who] believes in creating his own style anytime he writes. In his non-fiction writing, Nana introduces a diversity of style using poetry, storytelling and satire.” Gird Center 
“I envy the mind of Nana Awere Damoah. Nsempiisms is deep, insightful and piercing, yet Damoah’s writing flows with breezy simplicity.” Kwaku Sintim-Misa (KSM)

Click link below to buy:

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Nsempiisms, my 6th book, is done and should be on Amazon by close of the week.
Working to get copies into Ghana by end of November.
Thanks for all the vim and thanks to my editor James Anquandah and book designer John Benjamin Yanney of multiPIXEL for all the hard work.
Kwaku Sintim-Misa said this about the book and yours truly:
“I envy the mind of Nana Awere Damoah. Nsempiisms is deep, insightful and piercing, yet Damoah’s writing flows with breezy simplicity.”
Thanks KSM.