Book Drive for Reading Spots

I came back from the Reading Spots Conference at Techiman really inspired! This charity which is dedicated to building and running libraries across Ghana, with 18 live projects running, spread from Tema through Tamale to Bolga, brought down 63 young and old volunteers for the conference.

I was touched by stories from Tease where two brothers, artisans, donated their services as carpenter and mason, to build a community library with so little money you would be ashamed to hear. The co-founder, Francis Yeboah, is a driver and he mentioned his salary to me in confidence. Some use that amount for a trip to Accra Mall. He told me, ‘Nana, as little as it is, I take GHS 100 every month to buy books and to support the Reading Spots.’ The charity is supported by funds raised by children in the UK who sell eggs and put their allowances aside to help children they would never see read.

I want to support them with my widow’s mite. I wish to donate a set of my books to each of the 18 libraries. Each costs GHS 40 and I have 7 books. I am donating GHS10 off each of the books. So instead of GHS5,040, the total cost will be GHS3,780. I am putting GHS1,260 of my profit into Reading Spots.

If you wish to help me with the balance of GHS3800 to buy them books, reach out in my inbox.

Any extra money will be used to get them some children’s books.

We can all help to create a Reading Nation.

Check out Reading Spots via their FB page and their website –

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