SP is coming!

Opia: Charlie, are we allowing this School Prefect to be voted for without any atekyɛ thrown at him?

Obenteng: Let’s call the Cupboard Prefect. This German Kaiser must have some skeletons in the cupboard.

Soufreh (CP): Hmmm I have checked aaa, seems the man didn’t even keep his homework books here.

Opia: Asem aba. But, wait, can’t we just accuse him of being past his prime? An SP must be young. Othersiwe, how can he chase the bad boys like Moshi Dayan who skip classes and preps?

Obenteng: Bullseye! We shall accuse him of old age!

Opia: Oya! Hurry, before they close the doors to the Administration Block!


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