Shareholder Letter to GTV: Week ending 13/01/18

Dear GTV:
Trust you are keeping well. How is the collection going?
This is my weekly letter to you. Today I have two main issues. 
First, please get an official spokesperson to be speaking on the TV Licence matter. How multiple officials are speaking ajar and in various directions is not helping your matter. Quite incoherent. Today, this; tomorrow, that. 
Secondly, as a leading shareholder, I have been inundated with tags on misspellings on your screens. I am fed up with the screenshots. Granted, some of them, like the ‘fowls’ for ‘fouls’ one is like four years old, but there are recent ones. Can you please use GHS 20 out of the GHS 120 I have paid within the last month to hire a proofreader? I will be issuing directives on what the rest of my payment should be used for.
All the best for the rest of the week. Btw, I loved watching Kwabena Yeboah on Monday’s Sports Highlights. That guy is evergreen. Hope you are working on a succession plan for his show.
Your shareholder extraordinaire,
cc Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng


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