The Airtel Tigo Transition 

I have read a number of posts on the name of the merged company – Airtel Tigo, with quite a few people saying the name is someway. I humbly submit that it only takes a cursory look at the history of mergers or acquisitions and naming protocols to know that this is not abnormal. There is no one way for such a transition. A combined name such as Airtel Tigo, whilst used sometimes as a migration strategy for consumers to manage acquaintance to a new brand name, could also become permanent. Examples abound.  Fujitsu Siemens, SG-SSB, even UniLever (from Unie Margarine and Lever Brothers). In brands, I have experienced many. You want to carry the consumers along in this world of fickle attachment. For me, what matters is the marketing awareness campaign behind it. And the name Airtel Tigo is a message in its self. The tagline “Y’abɔ mu” is on point. 
The name might change later. Or still remain. But, for now, welcome to Airtel Tigo and even a child can deduce that they are now one company. Communication which is simple is effective.
PS1: The parent company can even decide to have a different legal name in Ghana. I worked for PZ Wilmar in Nigeria. They had the JV only in Nigeria. They are not merged globally. In Cote d’Ivoire Wilmar operates as Sania, in Zambia as Global Industries, in Ghana as Wilmar Africa Industries, in Zim as Surface Wilmar and in Ethiopia as Repi Wilmar.


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