​Nsempiisms: Switching or Sticking

In my over 16 years’ experience in the fast-moving consumer goods company (FMCG) industry, especially in quality assurance and R&D as well as supply chain where I was involved in monitoring consumer complaints trends and interfaced with marketing insights and research, I found one truism. Where the Ghanaian is concerned particularly but also true for many current consumers:

Consumers complain only when they have some attachment to a brand. Most consumers don’t complain – they just switch. 
And because of global supply chain reach and trade liberalisation, there is generally proliferation of competitor brands for any particular product. Coupled with the fact that today’s consumer has a short attention span and even weaker loyalty, any producer or seller should know how to respond to, and treat, complaints seriously. When a consumer complains, he or she usually does it out of love and affection. Those who don’t have any attachment with the brand or product won’t even bother to complain to you, the producer or brand owner.
This lesson, as with all lessons in life, can be extrapolated. 
Even to politics.
Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.


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