A Song for a Queen

Wife mine celebrated her birthday over the weekend and Samuel Yeboah Opoku, her colleague at work, posted this on her page. Speaks for itself.
As today marks a very special day, let me introduce to you (Yes! I mean you the reader) the most wonderful woman I have ever met on this planet. Her name is Mrs Vivian Richardson Damoah . I am blessed with an opportunity to work with her and, guess what, I have enjoyed every single second that I have spent working with her. I know you want to ask me why. I will give you 7 reasons why Mrs Vivian Richardson Damoah is awesome.
1. She appreciates every little thing. She thanks me for even what I have not done for her. She could even thank me for just asking for her favor.
2. Saying sorry is never a difficult thing for her. She even says sorry to you (whether you are a kid or an aged) for what you least think it’s an offense. 
3. She respects everyone whether you are a day old or you are 100years and over. There had not been a single moment that Auntie Vivian would talk to me without beginning with “PLEASE”. If you meet Auntie Vivian anywhere and she doesn’t greet you, then it means that she hasn’t seen you.
4. She has a servant’s heart. She genuinely cares for all. She is so kind. I always say one thing; If you really know Auntie Vivian then you are not even supposed to have a single problem.  You know why? She is ever ready to put her own problems aside and help deal with yours. Unless she is not aware of your problem. 
5. She is so friendly. If you can’t relate well with Auntie Vivian then you have a problem. Trust me she is fun to be with. If you get closer to her you will understand what I am saying. She’s so much approachable.
6. She is a woman of complete integrity. She always does what’s right. Auntie Vivian is very honest. In fact she always chooses truth over comfort.
7. Everyone’s happiness is her utmost priority. You know what? This woman will never sleep until she finds out that you are okay. She inspires; she motivates; and she gives life changing advice.
You will never find this Kind of woman anywhere. I love her. And I always thank God for giving me the opportunity to, at least, know her. Today is her birthday. Kindly Help me say Happy birthday to Mrs. Vivian Richardson Damoah. Mummy, God bless you for impacting the lives of the many people that come your way. We wish you an everlasting happiness in life.

Picture courtesy Kobby Blay

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