A Dawn Chat on Writing

​I am having a good conversation with my friend Jeremiah Buabeng on Facebook.
He commented on my article, titled “Donkorantumi: The Chalky Road to Rome”, thus: 
“Wow! This is beautiful writing. The flow is perfect. Choice of words on point. Truly engaging piece. I don’t even know what literary device best describes your use of Odikro, Kontihene etc in place of the original titles. Is there such a device, Nana?”
Below was my response:
One of the reasons why many of our contemporary writers are from the non-literature fields and mainly from the sciences and engineering fields is that we are not encumbered by the strict techniques of writing and not constrained thereby. So it frees us to experiment. Long way to say “I don’t know!” Hehehe. Wo na wo bu device! 😛
When asked which genre I write in, etc, I usually struggle.
Poor Engineer. I just write. I leave the classification to others.
Having said that, in Sebiticals, what I tried to do was to tightly weld together the techniques of traditional story telling, creative non-fiction and oral tradition.
I experimented with general creative writing in my first two books and in the 4th book, honed storytelling in Tales, especially in the short story “Truth Floats” but all these came together nicely in Sebiticals. Listening to the audiobook of Sebiticals, I was myself amazed at some of the expressions I had penned. Taking over the voice of Kapokyikyi also helped to release me. So it was a bit like a throwback to my acting days as Opanyin Brebuor.

For me, art and its forms should be like a river, flowing in various directions and finding its variegated levels.


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