Nsempiisms: Election Sprinkles

​Rawlings used to be called Efo Commissioner. Kufour used to be called Commissioner-General. Mahama is the current title holder. 
I have been musing on how, in how many years, we complained about slow pace of development, wondered where all the money borrowed have gone to or been used for, yet how the flurry of commissioning of projects, completed and uncompleted, as well as the beginning of new projects (some, like roads, completed in days), in the past few weeks, have suddenly changed the narrative.
The politicians are very clever and they know how we remember only in brackets of a couple of months. I know this too. 
Anytime I do the categories for my annual Sikaman Awards and ask for nominations in the last quarter of the year, many people only remember events in the current month or the previous, hardly thinking back 10 months.
We do have short memories.
I was engaged in an online course for some years. Each week, students were expected to submit a researched paper on Saturdays, and to read and contribute to submissions of classmates. For the contributions, a student needed to do three to five posts over three days; you were marked down or considered as having skipped class if you waited and posted all your three submissions, at least, all in one day. The thinking behind this was that we needed to interact with both material and class, and get enriched thereby. 
The current practice of skewing all projects towards elections creates the enabling environment for our politicians to throw a few rainbow sprinkles at our electoral bridal party every four years.
Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.


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  1. Wonderful post. I have experience people get upset when the comment was passed that Ghanaians had short memories. But some are getting wise to the manipulations if the governments.

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