​A Mathematical Love Song in Z-Major

**A poem in response to Kofi Akpabli

From the first time 

I encountered you within

The three sides of

The isosceles triangle 

You have engulfed me

In the warmth of your


Mesmerized me in your matrices

Thrilled with your trignometry

And seduced me with your symbols

I have travelled 

Along your cartesian coordinates

Gone through alpha lows and zeta highs

Briefly plateauing at pi 

And tango-ing at theta 

And even ventured further

Taking our love affair from x and y 

Planes into the z-plane

You serenade me with your surds

Perambulating with me along 

Parabolic curves

You integrated me within

Intricate polynomials

Differentiated from normal integers

You have shown me affection 

In simultaneous equations      

I quake with fervour at

The intensity of your quadratic passion

You get me giggling silly 

With your lorgorligi logarithms 

You take me to the edge

Yet we seem not to touch 

Those edges

Close, always asymptomatic 

The gradients of our love affair 

Defy the principles of Archimedes

The Welstrass-Bolzano theorem 

And even the ubiquitous 

Pythagoras theorem 

Oh Mathematics! 

You take my breath away!

I love thee 

To infinity…

To the power n+1!
(c) NAD, 06112016 
*Picture is of a plate mat, taken at a restaurant in Athens. Took a copy of it as a souvenir. 


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