​Nsempiisms: The Kalyppo Kraze

I have seen a few posts trying to downplay the effect of the Kalyppo trend and what momentum it brings to the NPP campaign. 
I would be more thoughtful and careful about writing it off if I were strategizing for opponents of the NPP. This, clearly, is an issue that has reached and gone beyond the tipping point. 
The symbol of this “epidemic”, as Malcolm Gladwell would describe it, or the vehicle, is not as important as the rallying it creates and the subsequent messages and discussions that ensue. 
Initially, I read people who had no idea why so many images of Kalyppo were flooding their timelines ask for the reason and, when told, go “Aaaaah, really”. Many of them have since joined just in the mirth and the spread, even if apolitically. The epidemic spreads further. More va va voom ahoy. 
My good friend Kobby Parker contributed to this and sent me this, which is so apt that I reproduce it in toto:
“For the first time in many years I had an iota of hope for Ghana this week. The tsunami of support and solidarity that swept across the country made me realise that it is possible to find a theme or cause through which we can rally an entire nation to action.


“It’s not just the politics of it all that wowed me but the developmental analogies.
“Is there any cause or vision around which we can rally the entire nation and call everyone to action? The kalyppo effect proves it.”
Will this lead to electoral gain and great capital for the NPP? I dunno. Two months is a long time in politics but in a political game where critical gains are counted in old Ghana pesewas, every coin of advantage and awareness counts.
Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.
Picture credit: Leticia Tish Addison Facebook Page


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