Touched by A Mum

​On our way back from #RomancingOseikromSebitically, we stopped at various points to buy foodstuff: cassava, plantain, snails, mushrooms, garden eggs, tomatoes. We bought some fruits too. I didn’t plan to buy any and was mostly acting as the driver/mate and packing the stuff in the boot.

At one stop, we stopped to buy bananas and plantain, and as my friends went to select what to purchase, this lady came to me and asked if I wanted to buy some oranges. I jokingly asked her if she would give me some for free and added that she does look like my mum. Which is true.

What happened next totally took me by surprise. She went to her stall, and packed about 20 oranges into a polybag and brought them to me. For free! She was selling them normally for about GHC5.

I told her there was no way I wouldn’t pay for them. When I saw her packing the bag, I took out GHC10 and held it in my hand. I now handed it over to her. She refused.

“You said you didn’t have money so this is a gift from me to you,” she insisted.

It took about 5 minutes of arguing with her before she collected my money.

“This woman gave out of her poverty,” I remarked to Kobby Blay who took the picture.

I was with Clara Fianu, Kofi Akpabli and Alba K Sumprim as well and they indicated that perhaps saying she looked like my mum also might have touched a nerve, and that they could be a backstory. 

One of them made an observation that, because she was intending it as a gift, she didn’t just put in a few poor quality oranges. She actually packed more than was in the usual pack for GHC5. She gave me some of her best oranges and lots of them too.

Indeed, our mothers usually have this philosophy that others call karma: that if you are good to someone else’s child, someone will be good to yours too. It is like throwing chunks of good deeds on the waters; one day, you shall receive dividends thereof.

To wo abodoo gu nsu n’ani…

Picture by Kobby Blay.

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