Alba K Sumprim – Guest Author for 3 Sept Reading

​Introducing our Guest Author for the 3rd September Book Reading in Accra! 
Alba Kunadu Sumprim has been writing for as long as she can remember and regularly flips through, with a wry smile, the stacks of notebooks that contain what can only be described as the melodrama of her teenage years. She is the author of The Imported Ghanaian and A Place of Beautiful Nonsense. 
Alba K Sumprim graduated from Escuela International de Cine y Television (EICTV), the Cuban film school, as an Editor and worked on several short and independent film projects in Cuba and London before moving back to Ghana, where she now earns her living writing screenplays, television programmes, producing and directing television commercials. 
She has been on the writing and editing team of the BBC WORLD SERVICES TRUST Radio drama, ‘Story Story, Voices from the Market,’ for over six years. She was a writer and director for the BBC WST television drama, entitled, ‘Wetin Dey!’ 
Her successful weekly social commentary column – The Imported Ghanaian – has been running for 14 years in The Daily Dispatch newspaper, Accra. 
She lives in Accra, where she is regularly accused of being Senegalese, Malian, Ivorian, Liberian, Kenya or Zimbabwean, in fact, any other nationality but Ghanaian. She is adamant that she is just as Ghanaian as any other … though imported.


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