Nsempiisms: Planning For Their Education

In the early 80s, one of our teachers, Mr. Aidoo, used to teach us after school. We held those extra classes in the home of my classmate Paulina Aggrey (née Sackey). I don’t think it was cheap to attend and be part of those lessons. My dad was a driver and my mum a trader. My prep school was a good school but my parents wanted more for their little boy. They invested in my education. One of my dad’s favourite saying was that his children were his buildings.

Parents: the responsibility for your children’s education is not that of the state alone. You have a bigger role.

What plans do you have for your kids’ education? How much thinking time do you invest in that? How often do you chat with fellow parents and those who have done well with planning for theirs, for ideas about how to make yours as well and better? Have you started saving for their secondary and university expenses?

Are they part of your mental and financial budgets?

Do you make time to go through their homework? Do you make time to visit their schools and classrooms during open days or days when parents are allowed to come over to interact with teachers and staff?

Have you thought about and implemented extra curricular activities to augment what they get in school?

Their development will not just happen. It must be planned and the planning is part of your work description as a parent.

Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.



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