Nsempiisms: If Only They Had Been Here

There was this guy (let’s call him Akwasi Mainoo) in a church who, after every service and as the pastor stood outside the main door greeting the church members, would go up to the pastor and say “Well done, Osofo, you really gave it to them today!” He was a regular at church and quite prompt too.

Every message was for someone else but him and this worried Osofo greatly. He wondered when this guy would ever realise that the sermon and message was for him too.

One day, there was a heavy storm and when Osofo came into the auditorium from his office, only one person had managed to come to church. Our regular, prompt, ‘you really gave it to them’ friend, Akwasi.

Osofo realised that this was the perfect occasion to preach a special message only for Akwasi. Osofo went ahead and did a full service, right from worship time, praise and offertory, and he preached with vigour.

After service, he went forth and shook hands with Akwasi. Akwasi embraced Osofo, with tears in his eyes and said: “Osofo, what a great message you preached today! If only they had been here…”

I wrote about each of us, especially this year, deciding not to be conveyor belts for spurious stories that will be circulated on social media; political bullets which will be intended to spread mischief. When I posted it on Facebook, I saw how many people tagged others to ‘come and mend’ their ways. Only a few reflected to say how the message would change them, a sort of internal reflection.

In the midst of the spelling disaster in the Independence Day 2016 brochures, there have been lots of sharing of posts and documents especially from the ruling party which have issued with spelling and grammar. Many of them have been written by internet foot-soldiers. The impression being that it is with only foot-soldiers from the NDC who are at fault.

As with the issues regarding drugs and narcotics in Ghana, it helps when we all realise, and accept, that the canker does not wear party colours. Same with the spelling epidemic we are experiencing in Ghana. When it comes to atrocious spelling and grammar as used by foot-soldiers, one cannot distinguish between the otwe and adowa.

The curative message is for all of us to take. We are all here, and we need to listen for ourselves. No ‘if only they have been here’ attitude, please. Don’t be like Akwasi.

Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.



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