Nsempiisms: Saaaaardine!

Growing up in Kotobabi, we used to walk to Abavanna Junction in the morning just to wait and shout “saaaardine!” when construction workers were driven past on their way to their sites, parked in the bucket of tipper trucks. This was many, many years ago when one could find golden fish in the Alajo gutter.

No one should fight for journalists re: how they literally climbed up to the ultra-modern vehicle they used to cover today’s event at a point.

The journalists have demonstrated many times that they love how they are treated. In my day job, there is a basic rule that you can refuse to work on the grounds of unsafe working environment or absence/non-provision of appropriate personal protective equipment. No one forced them up that mobile platform.

You get what you tolerate.

A good Indece day event. Glad I could watch it online.

Past lunchtime here in Amalaman. Let me go find some saaaaaardine to face my eba.

Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.




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