Update on Fundraising for Wa School for the Deaf

Update on Fundraising to purchase Desks & Mattresses for Wa School for the Deaf

26 February 2016

We set out to raise GHC7500 to procure 45 mattresses and 20 desks for the Wa School of the Deaf after our initial donation of 10 mattresses and 30 desks.

As of yesterday, we had just passed 100% of our target! Thanks to you all for your generous support!

Attached are updates of donations received, expenditure and cash at hand.

We had additional request for 4 wheelchairs and 2 sets of crutches. The wheelchair (with potty) has estimated cost cost GHC700 and the crutches cost GHC85 per set. So we need GHC3000 for these.

With the extra out of the initial target, we are buying 2 wheelchairs and the two sets of crutches.

We need an extra GHC1000 to procure the remaining 2 wheelchairs so any more money will be used for these. The donations keep coming in and we are so grateful.

God bless you all.

NAD (for the Planning and Implementation Team)

Cc Planning Team (Kwabena Opoku-Agyemang, Ama Ahiable, Afia Larbi, Kola Nut, Kwadwo Akoto Boateng, Selorm Dukpos, Seyram Ahiabor, Cecilia Amoafowaa Sefa)




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