Nsempiisms: Do Your Kids Catch You Reading?

Yesterday (13 February 2016) we entered the SyTris bookshop near A&C Mall for the book reading by Kofi Akpabli and I organised by Writers Project of Ghana, my children exclaimed “Wow! So many books to choose from, we don’t know which one to choose!” Each of them picked books, with NK picking a condensed edition of a book series he had been borrowing from his friend next door.

They set me back by some good GH cedis when we left after the book reading but my heart was warm, knowing that my wife and I had succeeded in making our charges excited about books and reading.

You complain that Ghanaians don’t read. Are you reading yourself? Do you children catch you reading? When was the last time you read any book apart from the Bible you read in church?

A lady who attended said her sister thought it was odd for her to set off from home to go for a book reading event. A book reading? Her sister promised her she would be the odd Ghanaian out of the lot, assuring her that she would find only expatriates at the event. She took pictures to prove her sister wrong and was glad to observe that she wasn’t odd afterall.

We had many in the audience who were experiencing their first public book reading outside the classroom. For Kofi and I, this was our third book reading in 3 months. We are on course on our agenda to make reading for pleasure hip again. Poco a poco.

Get caught reading.

Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.


3 thoughts on “Nsempiisms: Do Your Kids Catch You Reading?

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  1. Invite me to the next book reading as I love to read but my kids don’t. Their essay about their mummy has aa line “mummy loves to read too much and always want us to read but we rather prefer football”. Internet babies ampa.

  2. Oh Nana, I had really wanted to be there, but was not feeling too well. I introduced reading to my kids at an early age. Only the first born who is now in first year uni has become an avid reader. Infact he and I exchange books to read on regular basis. But the youngest two are now a different matter oo!


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