Fundraising 2016 for School

Dear Friends:

Since 2013, friends of mine mainly on FB have been doing annual outreaches and donations to schools. Many of you will remember the re-roofing and rehabilitation of the Apagya R/C Primary School we undertook in 2014, raising over GHC23000 to bring smiles to the faces of the pupils in that school (see story in Daily Graphic –

Last year, we used the money collected to donate desks and mattresses to Wa School for the Deaf last week.

However, the school needs 45 more mattresses and 20 desks. For this we need about  GHC7500.

Some friends and I are raising funds to fully provide the needs of the school in terms of desks and mattresses.

We aim to raise the funds by end March and commission work on the desks to donate with mattresses by end April 2016.

Seyram Ahiabor and I will be the contacts for any clarifications.

Please be rest assured that any assistance received from you will be accounted for and used diligently for the purpose of the project. To ensure transparency, we are happy to let you see the final accounts for the project (ie sources and uses of funds). Regular updates will be given by me and the planning team.

Kindly contact me via comments section below for details of payment modes if you wish to support this project.

You could also donate in kind (e.g. mattresses – per spec).

Thanks a lot.

NAD, for Planning Team



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