Donation to Wa School for the Deaf

Last year, friends and family on social media, led and coordinated by DGG, raised funds for our annual charity outreach.

The initial plan was to build a wall for the Yumba Special School but because of the help of the Autism Help Foundation, the Northern Regional Minister got five projects from Getfund which included the Yumba wall so we decided to find another project to support.

After a series of discussions, the Wa School for the Deaf (a catholic organisation which takes care of people with neuro disorders) was selected as a beneficiary.

The planning team engaged with the assistant headmaster of the school, Mr. Bayo, who explained that they have about 55 students. A group from Netherlands had provided them with a school block and they needed about 45 desks and 55 mattresses as well as learning materials, especially those that could be fixed and dismantled. Plan Ghana had earlier donated 10 desks but the school needed more.

From the donations we received, we were able to procure and donate 30 desks and 10 high density students mattresses. Each desk cost 65 cedis and a mattress cost 110 cedis.

The donation was done on our behalf on 23 January 2016 by Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia, Afia Larbi – both members of DGG; Charles Atia, Vice President of Autism Help Foundation, and Charity Batuure, Upper West Regional Head of Autism Help Foundation (the one who helped with the cordination).

The Badminton Group of Upper West also helped with the donation.

The headmaster of the school, Mr. Samuel Babina, was happy and thanked the group and mentioned a few problems.

He mentioned there were many children on the waiting list but could not be admitted because of limited resources. He stressed that many just dump their children in the school and never visit because of the stigma attached to children with mental disorders.

The school appreciates more support. The Headmaster can be reached on (+223)205723660.

Find attached pictures from the donation ceremony.








2 thoughts on “Donation to Wa School for the Deaf

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  1. Well done bro for your efforts.

    Probity and accountability plus a good heart…see what can be done.

    I am wondering whether a whats-up group could come out of this so we can coordinate better.

    Thanks again for your work, Opanin Damoah.

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