Nsempiisms – Cry your own cry

When an issue breaks, I usually prefer that the opposition doesn’t pick it as an issue and run with it on behalf of citizens. You know why? Because once it becomes an issue between politicians, it becomes a game of football, a friendly match between politicians who are opponents in public and friends in private; the issue takes the form of the ball to be kicked about only on the field of play without any intention of scoring goals that count to the benefit of the citizens.

When politicians challenge each other, they are on a familiar terrain. They are comfortable. They understand their language. They have a lot of rehearsed responses and a long list of dropdown excuses. They automatically go into the mode of ‘You did it too; but only worse that we are doing’. The same nonsense, only managed better.

When citizens, ordinary citizens challenge politicians; when they challenge their governments on issues, the politicians become uncomfortable. They don’t know how to fight citizens who act only in their individual and national interests.

Don’t expect the politician to fight your battles for you. For the politician is the one who will ask YOU to die for HIS country.

Cry your own cry.

Nsempiisms. My mouth has fallen.


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