Nsempiisms: Incubating corruption

6 August 2013

The rot and corruption in our society did not start when people got to national political positions. 

It started from the secondary school when the dining hall prefect could dissolve tables (that is how we described the incidence where the prefect could decide that the students in the dining hall were not enough, combine tables and take the entire food on a vacant table) and use the extra food to feed his own cronies. 

It started when the school prefect decided not to punish an entire class because he had eyes for a pretty lass in that class. It started when in campaigning for positions (as happened in my school where voting was done for prefects), opponents could tear down posters of contestants for the benefit of a bowl of gari and beans. 

It started when that senior boy could bully the poor junior boy and take away his two tins of sardines that his dad had slaved to provide for his son. 

It started in the university when SRC executives used our monies to travel and chill abroad. 

It started when we didn’t speak about the rot within our peers and lambasted our national leaders, watching on as our peers, tadpoles then, grew into mature, corrupt toads. 

It will not cease until we start tackling it now amongst our peers. 

The friend of yours who is shouting with you today against the establishment, will he or she behave differently when it is our time?

My mouth has fallen. Nsempiisms.


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