Nsempiisms: Don’t just twist your mouth or thumb

28 June 2014

We have to reflect more about the past, appreciate where we are, so we can better the future. More than a few people are disillusioned about how our current government is performing. And what its priorities are.

I say that the shape and beauty of a building is determined first at the design stage and then when the construction begins, one can ensure it proceeds per the blueprint.

What exactly were you expecting of this government? What did it say it will do? Think back to Campaign 2012. What do you remember as the key promised deliverables, the elements of the contract we signed in December 2012 at the polls? What is the blueprint we accepted?

A nation does not develop on slogans. Hope is not a strategy. Navigating the economic terrain towards sustainable development is not fueled by euphoric fervor alone.

It takes planning.

What is Ghana’s blueprint for development? What economic model are we following? Where are we going from here and how?

2016 will be here before long and the speeches and rallies will resume.

Ask questions. Analyse what you are told. Raise the bar. Vote for ideas and not just slogans. Don’t just twist your mouth or your thumb.

We only get what we tolerate. And if we exhibit a craving for nkatie burger, surely we will be fed peanuts. Or even peanut-flavoured chippings.

Of nothing.

My mouth has fallen. Nsempiisms.


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