Nsempiisms: The Pleasant Business of Passport Acquisition in Ghana

1 September 2015

I had an awesome experience today, which made me so proud as a Ghanaian.

We understand that the old passports will be phased out by the end of this year, so wanted to get the biometric passports for the two boys. Knowing how efficient our systems are and being ever so eager to be there on time to enjoy them, we woke up the boys around 4.30am and got them to bath and dress. We left home around 5.30am for the passport application centre (PAC) in Accra that captures the photo and biometric data. This centre is near the Registrar General’s office in Accra. We got there around 6.40am and joined the queue in front of the gates. We could see about 50 people ahead of us in the queue.

I couldn’t get a spot to park near the centre so drove to park at the National Theatre and walked back to the centre. 

At about 7am, the queue started moving, which indicated that we were being processed to enter the centre. Twenty minutes later, one of the officials came down the line and told us that they had processed enough numbers to enter the centre for the day and the rest of us need to go home and come back later. Perhaps tomorrow. It was about 7.25am.

I was so thrilled as a Ghanaian and happy that not more than 50 people (from my count) were privileged to be served in one day.

Join me thank our leaders for making it such a wonderful experience to get a passport in Ghana. It is an unmerited favour.

I loved the experience so much that I will go again tomorrow. We plan to leave home at 4.00am this time and get there by 5.00am.

After all, as the DJs say: when it is nice, you play it twice.

Cheers to the Passport Office. I thank them profusely for making me start my day right. I am in such excellent spirits.

I love Ghana.

My mouth has fallen. Nsempiisms.


4 thoughts on “Nsempiisms: The Pleasant Business of Passport Acquisition in Ghana

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  1. This is what breeds the goro boys, obviously. It would definitely help matters to have a process where people make appointments before appearing. Yes, that plus express prosecution of those who would try to hijack the process, for I know the criminal mind is a very creative thing. As for how to educate the populace on this, I have absolutely no clue.

  2. Ei Really?. So why are the passport connection ‘men’ making so much money claiming the machine for processing the books are broken down. So this is normal application queue i would reckon?

    Tell me the end of the story please :). Did you go back earlier the next day, were you part of the first 50people? Do the boys have the new passports then? Cheers!!! Evelyn.

    1. Yes I did. Got there the next day at 4.30am, but we had arranged with someone to queue for us. We paid him GHC50. We were in the first 50 to enter – about the 5th or 6th. Only 100 people were admitted that day. We are still expecting the passports.

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