Kwame Gyan reviews Sebitically Speaking

If we had a couple of hundreds of Nana Awere Damoah in Ghana we would have:

1. Had the history of our state, especially its most recent one well preserved;
2. Put politicians on their toes consistently each day of our lives and hopefully affect the growth of our Ghana;
3. Had a compilation of the daily wahala of the Ghanaian so beautifully chronicled that we will love to read again and again while pondering on “how the heck we got here”.

In Sebitically Speaking, we get a compilation of the happenings in the Ghana most of us are not proud of but yet remain hopeful of its resurrection going forward.

If you have not been to Ghana before or have not been here in a while, this book gives you the perfect map with commentary to guide you through the heat of Paga, the wet enclaves of Enchi and Nzulezu, the not so clean shores of Accra and her surburbs, the forests of Bono and Ahafo through the galamseyed-destroyed land of Ashanti.

Whilst on this journey, NAD, as we all call him, reveals to the uninitiated some of the saddest comments, incredulous actions, lamest excuses and amazingly unbelievable heart of the Ghanaian to contain all that rubbish.

Sebitically Speaking should be the perfect gift for any public official you know; your assembly member, MP, DCE, NCE, Minister of State, Vice President and President and all those who are paid with our tax money.

Kwame Gyan is a Blogger, Social Media Activist and PR/Marketing Professional.



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