Review of Sebitically Speaking – Williams Kyei

When I thought his last authored book, I Speak of Ghana, was a compelling replete of the Ghanaian narrative, Nana Awere Damoah takes us on another cerebration which could linger in your memory for a long time. Nana can best be described as an apotheosis when it comes to ingenuity at coining ‘Ghanamanic’ lexicons to describe events and tell his stories.

Sebitically Speaking is a riveting compilation, which reveals his staunch patriotism for ‘Sikaman’ (Ghana) and his desire to shape it better for the next generation. It captures vividly a reflective state of our present society from family, politics, education, health, complex gullibility and personal development.

In this book, Nana speaks through his figurative Uncle Kapokyikyi whose lead proverbs alone are just appetizing to motivate you to read every Chapter repetitively. On personal development and motivation, Nana also presents you sincere expressive personal anecdotes and of others in ‘The Power Behind the Platform Performance’, ‘Dancing With An Arrow’ and ‘New Year Kpa-Kpa-Kpa-solutions’. These chapters are perfect prescriptions for anyone who requires an edge, to effectively plan their future and act on them.

What makes this book a standout is Nana’s justness to immaculately engage your thoughts on the sordid social issues happening in Ghana and Africa; especially with the erratic power supply tormenting citizens and the Ebola epidemic. Instead of evoking your rage, Sebitically Speaking is intertwined with humor and satire enough to calm your nerves about these issues.

For anyone who lives outside the African continent, this book is not just a pepper-upper but a complete recommended dose to garnish your thoughts and keep you updated on what you might be missing from home. Sebitically Speaking is certainly an epic piece of writing that will transform your thoughts about life and society.

Williams Kyei, Postgraduate Student in Sport Management, South Korea

Sebitically Speaking cover_preferred


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