Apagya Update – 27 September 2014

Dear Friends,

This is an update on the Apagya project.

On Sunday September 21, 2014, over 30 volunteers visited Apagya and painted the exterior sides of the re-roofed part of the school building. They scraped and sandpapered the walls before applying two coats of paint to the walls.   Kudos to these kind hearts! We purchased paint for this purpose which is expected to be enough for the whole project. Pending paint is for exterior of the classrooms which will have roof replaced, the interior walls of classrooms and office and lower base of exterior walls which will be painted with dark brown color.

As indicated in earlier updates, the 3 classrooms and the Headmaster’s office which had the roof ripped off have been redone. That is about 60% of the roofing.

What remains for roofing are the remaining 3 classrooms which have the old roof. See in attached pictures.

This week, we have purchased 13 packets of roofing sheets and 10 pieces of fascia boards for the 40% roofing remaining.

Pupils will use the newly-roofed classrooms so roofing work  will begin on next week on 29th or 30th September 2014.

Some minor concrete works have been done to the foundation, especially at areas where still pipes needed to be buried to support the roof. The major aspect of concrete works will, however, be undertaken based on availability of funds after the roofing and will be done before final painting is done.

See attached pictures for progress.

Thanks for support and keep your donations coming in. Please share with a friend.

(On behalf of Planning Team)















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