Lifting Up Apagya

Good morning.

Apagya Update – 22 September 2014

Yesterday about 30 volunteers spent the day painting the school.

Kwabena Opoku-Agyemang blogs about it here.

This week roofing sheets will be purchased to complete the remaining 40% of roofing.

Thanks for the support.

On behalf of Planning Team


They say bad news sells. Add the specter of commercialization to the “third world-ness” of a country like Ghana and one can sometimes understand why media houses tend to focus on bad news so much. As such, even perusing headlines can be an exercise in doom.

However, aside gloom something positive can bloom, and one blossoming example has been the beautiful work done by volunteers on Sunday September 21, 2014. These wonderful people trooped to Apagya to renovate a hitherto dilapidated school.

Their work was a significant part of a commendable project started on social media, which included a sustained appeal for funds: a massive number of folks donated from Ghana and beyond. Please note that you can still donate, because projects are (always) ongoing. Please check out for more information.

One can only wish that we would be inspired by these heroes to harness positive energy use our…

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