Small actions each day – a day at Nsawam

Three years ago, we formed a group on Facebook, some friends I knew offline and many I got to know first online. From last year, we decided we will use our being together to affect our society in the little way we can. So far, we have done outreaches (as we call them) to Apagya JSS where we donated textbooks and stationery and to Anfoega & Vakpo SHSs where we donated syllabus literature textbooks to both schools.

Today, this same group went to the Nsawam Prison to donate stationery and textbooks (list attached) to assist inmates who are studying while serving their terms in prison.

Being an online group, members are spread all over the globe, and donations came from all corners. For the trip today, we had one member from Holland, for instance, surprising us with her appearance. She happened to be in town.

What did it take? Our collective widow’s mite infused with care and feeling for fellow man. And woman. And a belief that if we did something little for our nation that we can be proud of, each day, that will incrementally add up to a drive for continuous improvement in our national journey. Small actions each day.

Well done, DGG.










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