Appeal for Funds to Repair Damaged Roof and Paint School Building – Apagya R/C

Apagya R/C Primary School is a basic school in the Adansi South district of Ashanti region serving about 5 communities within its catchment area. The school is made up of a decent six (6) unit classroom block plus a headmaster’s office.

A recent rainstorm caused severe damages to the school block.

The issues at hand are bulleted below:

• The damage/complete lifting off of the roof for three of the classrooms and the headmaster’s office.
• The other three classrooms have leakages in several areas which affects learning activities in the event of a rainfall;
• The intention to paint building to improve its aesthetic appearance once the roof works has been done.

There is also the issue of erosion affecting the foundation/concrete apron which needs to be resolved. On some sections of the concrete apron, the erosion has almost washed away the concrete apron thereby posing danger to the walls of the building whilst on other sections the erosion has just started. Resolving the issues surrounding the foundation will ensure a complete failure (and possible injury) of the classroom walls is prevented in the next few years.

Some friends and I are raising funds to repair the roof, paint the school and resolve the issues around the foundation.

Please be rest assured that any assistance received from you will be accounted for and used diligently for the purpose of the project. To ensure transparency, we are happy to let you see the final accounts for the project (ie sources and uses of funds). We are also willing to help you get direct access to the Headmaster of the school regarding this noble undertaking.

Please find attached pictures of the school building.

Kindly contact me via mail or in comment section for details of payment modes if you wish to support this project.

You could also donate in kind (paint, paint brushes, roofing sheets).

We wish to have the project implemented by end August 2014.











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  1. Reblogged this on amoafowaa and commented:
    Things which must be supported. A group which I am a part of contribute to help those in need. Just last week, we visited the Nsawam prison and gifted many items to children there. This is the Apagya School Junior High School, whose roof was ripped off by a storm and needs help. Any help will be cherished forever. The child today is the future of tommorow. Thank you.

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