Infoboxx GH Awards Quarter 1, 2014

Contributors: Linda Akaibi Narh, Eddie Ameh Snr, Kwame M Gyata, Nicholas Opuni Opoku, Abeeku Entsua-Mensah, Kojo Anan Ankomah, Richard Billy Hanyabui, Kwame Gyan, Kojo Akoto Boateng, Max Adjei-Twum

Tragedy of the Quarter: The death of Komla Dumor. May he rest in perfect.


  1. The most anti-climax moment of the Quarter: The announcement by Ayittey Powers that he wasn’t going to fight Bukom Banku again, after all the hype.
  2. Tragedy of the Quarter: The death of Komla Dumor. May he rest in perfect.
  3. The most popular new word: Tweaa
  4. The most popular phrase: “Are you my co-equal?” A close second is “Kwasia bi nti”.
  5. Most illusive/ hyped fight  of the quarter: Ayittey Powers vrs Bukom Banku.
  6. Most Popular Coward: Ayittey Powers
  7. The most “popular” Bible verse: Acts 16:33, (APV) – For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
  8. Discovery of the Quarter: Demons inside Ayittey Powers’ hair.
  9. Most Popular Politician: Tweea DCE, Gabriel Barima
  10. Export Commodity of the Quarter: Tweaa.
  11. Most Popular Facebooker of the Quarter: Kwame Gyan
  12. Sacking of the Quarter: The dismissal of the Tweea DCE after, being he was first pardoned and, bouyed by the President’s usage of the word ‘tweea’ in Parliament, granting an interview to Joy FM in which he said he was proud of what he said since it had made him popular. He even said he had become a tourist commodity.
  13. Journalist of the Quarter: Manasseh Awuni Azure of Joy FM
  14.  Promise of the Quarter: Given by Deputy Education Minister Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa, that by end of March 2014, the government will roll out 100 new Senior Secondary schools. Meaning work will start on 100 sites.
  15. Beard of the Quarter: No challenger. And no one should accuse me of nepotism. This goes to Uncle Dr ABS Oko Rick R Vanderpuije.
  16. Most Fire-Prone sites: Markets
  17. BaldHeads of the Quarter: Nii Ayi Tagoe and Anny Osabutey
  18. Quote of the Quarter: “I bring adama and shaving stick to ring. after I beat Ayitey, i use adama make him hair black, then I shave am. Nonsense hair cut. Just do sakora. because of he hair I want beat am waa. He head make me remember kokonte and groundnut soup. I don’t like kokonte.” ~ Bukom Banku
  19. Most Listened-to Politician: Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.
  20. Emerging Economists of the Quarter: Anita De Sooso and Abraham Amaliba for using cutting-edge research to diagnose the causes of the depreciation of the Ghana cedi against the major currencies. The theorems have been captured in the award-winning article: “Of High-Rise Buildings and Low-Rise Dwarfs: Africanomics and the Falling Cedi”.
  21. Prefect of the Quarter: Oko Vanderpuije, for his Friday inspections.
  22. Most Silent Public Institution: CHRAJ.
  23. Advert of the Quarter: MTN radio ad featuring Master Richard. Makye wo sɛ catarrh…hɛɛɛntin!
  24. Planned Future Non-Traditional Export of the Quarter: $30,000 local food allocation for Black Stars for Brazil 2014.
  25. Boys Abrɛ Coach of the Quarter (Foreign Category): David Moyes of Manchester United.
  26. Boys Abrɛ Coach of the Quarter (Local Category): David Moyes of Hearts of Oak. Ei, sorry, I meant Polo.
  27. Footballer of the Quarter: Kwadwo Asamoah of Juventus.
  28. Most Consistent Company: ECG. You can always trust them to de-light their customers.
  29. Comforter of the Quarter: Teddy bear. Especially of the Ministerial type.
  30. Grammatical Arrangement of the Quarter: Trees under schools, School of Trees, eeeerrr ceteraaaaa.
  31. Alumnus of the Quarter: Hon Ameen Salifu of LSE (Attempted category).
  32. Chess Player of the Quarter: Prof Ernest Aryeetey, VC of University of Ghana.
  33. Traffic Planner of the Quarter: Prof Ernest Aryeetey, VC of University of Ghana.
  34. Blowman of the Quarter: Uncle Gbv-Lo. Aka Demolition Man.
  35. Most Forgotten Headmaster: Koku Anyidoho
  36. Synonym of the Quarter: T&T, for Bribe.
  37. The Most Ironical Synonyms: SADA and Sadder.
  38. Campaign of the Quarter: The anti-bribery campaign launched by the IGP with the police supposed to wear armbands with the inscription “I do not receive bribes”. What about T&T?
  39. Headline of the Quarter: “MPs Collect Bribes”.
  40. Navigator of the Quarter: Hon Alban S Bagbin. The number of times he changed his position on the MP bribe allegations in a day was enough to utilise all the routes around the Tetteh-Quarshie Interchange.
  41. Most Silent Politician: Nana Konadu. Michael Teye Nyaunu is a close contender.
  42. Nickname of the Quarter: This is a very tight category. Contenders are Nana Borrow, John the Promiser, Bɔhyɛba, Promise M and Kofi Dubai. Undecided verdict.
  43. Future House Builder of the Quarter: General Mosquito, with his plan to build the Kwasia Bi Nti edifice.
  44. Migrants of the Quarter: SADA trees.
  45. Blog of the Quarter: YesiYesi (formerly, now Theyeven got a Kenyan site thinking their satire piece about Lupita was gospel andsome ministers in GH thought so too about some stories. Rememer how their story on Yvonne

    Nelson and cocoa butter went viral?

  46. Wittiest Facebookers of the Quarter: Andre Jr and Quophy Appiah Obirikorang.
  47. Agency of the Quarter: Ghana Meteorological Department, for getting a mention in the President’s speech on Independence Day for not giving enough notice that it would rain on the day. The ceremony happened under a heavy downpour.
  48. Unsettled Minister of the Quarter: Mahama Ayariga for his commentsthat the Finance Minister’s honesty makes government uncomfortable and hisunpreparedness for interviews.
  49. Regime Critic of the Quarter: Dr Tony Aidoo
  50. Most Popular Local Dish of the Quarter: Fufu. It was mentioned in Parliament to be a cancer-causing agent.
  51. Speech of the Quarter: A tie between Nana Akuffo Addo’s declaration to contest for the NPP’s Presidential Primaries and Kwansima Dumor’s tribute to her late husband Komla Dumor.
  52. The News Portal with Most Errors: It is a close tie between and
  53. Young Entrepreneur of the Quarter: Tonyi Senayah of Horseman Shoes. He is now known as “The President’s Shoemaker”.
  54. Most Promising Brand of the Quarter: WearGhana
  55. Facebook change agent of the Quarter: Efo Dela, for the ‘noise’ he made for the Apam boy who was later offered a scholarship by Ashesi University.
  56. Comedian of the Quarter: Kalybos BoysKasa, the only boss with 1 ‘s’.
  57. Most Controversial Issue of the Quarter: University of Ghana charging road tolls.
  58. Most Huhudious Budget: GFA’s World Cup Budget for Brazil 2014.
  59. State Secret of the Quarter: The GFA Budget for Brazil 2014.
  60. Advertising Campaign of the Quarter: ‘Share A Coke’
  61. Most Loyal Football Supporters of the Quarter: Arsenal Supporters. Of special mention is Anny Osabutey.

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