Infoboxx GH Awards 2013

Contributors: Abass Ibrahim Tasunti, Kwame Gyan, Kwame Kekeli Bokpe, Winfred Ofori, Kwaku Nyarko, Gameli Adzaho, Setor Dzisenu, Sam Dentu, Abubakar Ibrahim, Francis Kennedy Ocloo, Appiah Kubi, Gretel Asigbe, Qouphy Appiah Obirikorang, Richard Billy Hanyabui, Nicholas Opuni Opoku, Samuel Fahren Otoo, Prosper Afuti, Richard Billy Hanyabui, Esther Amanor, Freda Nyarkoa Nyarko, Elijah Ekow Atta-Aidoo, Stella Aba Yaa Bruce, Kwabena Brako, Max Adjei-Twum, Kola Nut

Compiled by Nana Awere Damoah

 ~~~~~~~~~~~Sign of the Year


  1. Most publicized job: Joint winners being jobs with GYEEDA, Zoomlion or SADA.
  2. Seetay Waa (aka False hope) Project of the Year: Hope City.
  3. The most anti-climax moment of the year: The final reading of the Election Petition Verdict. So much anticipation, so quickly done.
  4. Tragedy of the Year: The death of Prof Kofi Awoonor at the Westgate mall in Nairobi in a terrorist attack by Somali group al-Shabaab. He was in the city attending the Storymoja Hay literary festival, a celebration of pan-African writing and storytelling. May his soul rest in peace.
  5. The most consistent company: Graphic Communications Group Limited (GCGL).
  6. The most popular new word: Selfie
  7. The most debated word: Corruption
  8. The most popular phrase: Three serious contenders for this award are: ‘You and I were not there’, ‘Pink sheet’ and ‘Boys abrε’. My vote is for ‘Boys abrε’!
  9. The most debated term: Over-voting. Even the Electoral Commissioner couldn’t bring a finality to this debate!
  10. Slanger of the Year (aka the LAFA award): Between Amicus Curiae (Benony Tony Amekudze) and Stephen Atubiga, I believe Atubiga has it. Massa, I expect a vote of thanks from the borrom of your heart!
  11. The Most Difficult Item to Maintain: Still maintaining this award for three years running, Streetlights. Have we been cursed with it or not?
  12. The Open Secret of the Year: VickiLeaks. Boys kasa, Girls Di Nkɔmɔ!
  13. Beard of the Year: No challenger. And no one should accuse me of nepotism. This goes to Uncle Dr ABS Oko Rick R Vanderpuije.
  14. The Most Fire-prone spots: Markets
  15. Manure Mouth of the Year: Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie (Sir John)
  16. The Most Energy-Efficient Sportsman: Olele. In 2013, he became a global brand by being called into a team and not playing a single minutes of competitive soccer.
  17. NGO of the Year: Nana Konadu’s Party – NDP.
  18. Critic of the Year: The duo of Dr Arthur Kennedy and Dr Charles Wireko Brobbey, who never missed an opportunity to criticize their party NPP.
  19. Most listened-to politician: Dr Mahamudu Bawumia
  20. Most Active Facebook MP: Hon Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng
  21. Cartoonist of the Year: The Black Narrator
  22. Most Active Facebook Page: Kojo Anan Ankomah and Hon Rodney Nkrumah-Boateng
  23. Most Improved Politician: Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa. Seems the good Professor who is his minister is taking him through some Fanti seasoning sessions.
  24. Most Consistent Government MP/Minister: Finance Minister, Seth Tekper
  25. The most silent politician: Ama Benyiwa Doe
  26. Product of the Year: Corruption
  27. The most talked about commodity: Pink sheets
  28. Most Generous Governmental Agency (also CSR Organization of the Year): Ghana Revenue Authority.
  29. Most Silent Institution: CHRAJ, especially in the face of all the corruption issues that surfaced this year.
  30. Most Important Person: William A. Atuguba, JSC
  31. Omnipresent Company of the Year: AGAMS Group. They were everywhere – even in the search for the Media Development Fund.
  32. Political Gaffe of the Year: The renaming of the Theodosia Okoh pitch by the Accra Mayor. The Black Narrator’s cartoon of Madam Okoh dragging Sir Ross by his beard was my best cartoon of the year!
  33. Tourist of the Year: Ken Kuranchie on his National Prisons Tour.
  34. Picture of the Year: President Mahama in front of the CNN Logo.
  35. Electronic Item of the Year: Biometric Verification Machine.
  36. Religious Leader(s) of the Year: This award goes to the members of the National Peace Council for the role they played in managing the tensions before, and after the Supreme Court verdict, especially their Chairman Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante.
  37. Lawyer of the Year: Now this one is very close. Is it Philip Addison, Tsatsu Tsikata, Amicus Curia or Tony Lithur? These would be what most of my readers would pick but my pick is Ayikoi Otoo who skillfully snatched Sir John from the jaws of prison when he appeared before the Supreme Court on contempt charges. And he did it in style on his birthday too!
  38. Judge of the Year: William A. Atuguba, JSC
  39. Paradox of the Year: Being told that five million trees have been planted in the North and still finding that it is a savannah.
  40. Mathematical/Econometric Topic of the Year: Five million tress by SADA explained finally – the million is in old Ghana trees and the actual planted is in new Ghana trees.
  41. Most Popular Abbreviation of the Year: GYEEDA
  42. Sacking of the Year: The dismissal of Deputy Communications Minister Victoria Hammah after the leaked phone conversation saga.
  43. Campaigner of the Year (aka Citizen Vigilante): Martin Amidu and Andrew Awuni (re: Merchant Bank)
  44. Writer/Journalist of the Year: Manasseh Awuni Azure of Joy FM and Mabel Aku Baneseh of Graphic.
  45. Biggest Prank of the Year: SADA Akomfem and Afforestation projects.
  46. Quote of the Year: “You and I were not there.”
  47. Renaming of the Year: Theodosia Okoh Hockey Pitch/Stadium. Errrm, was the pitch renamed whilst the stadium was left intact or vice versa?
  48. Political loss of the year: NPP and Nana Addo at the Supreme Court.
  49. Bribery “Scandal” of the Year: Zoomlion’s bribery case in Liberia, which led to a ban by the World Bank.
  50. The most scarce product: ECG Pre-paid credits – they run like Usain Bolt!
  51. Most forgotten Prophet of the Year: God’s only daughter, Osofo Apraku
  52. “S3 Asa” Moment of the year (sometime that finally happened after a long time of expectation or postponements): The reading of the final verdict by Justice Atugubah on the Election Petition. It was over so quickly that many people asked, ‘Has he finished? What was the verdict?’
  53. Most Interesting Group of the Year: The Association of Childless Couples of Ghana (ACCOG).
  54. Toll Collectors of the Year: The Finance Ministry. They attempted to tax even condoms.
  55. Synonym of the Year: Hammah = Million, as in “Thanks a Hammah!”
  56. Surprise of the Year: Black Stars 6 -1 thrashing of the Pharoahs of Egypt. Aww, what a great day it was!
  57. The Most Dormant Group of the Year: Committee for Joint Action (CJA). They have been dormant for almost 5 years. Do you see any link?
  58. Stopped Cheque/Payment of the Year: Payment to Subah Info Systems. We still don’t know what will happen to the payment they received before the stoppage. By the way, did they do any work to increase revenue from the telcos?
  59. TV Station of the Year: GTV – no other station freezes like them and they have been consistent in being boring.
  60. Hashtag of the Year: #Olelefacts
  61. Most Connected Ghana(wo)man: Jointly won by Joseph Siaw Agyapong of Jospong Group of Companies and Roland Agambire of AGAMS Group
  62. Court Term of the Year: Contempt of Court
  63. Colour of the Year: Pink
  64. Most Expensive Fone Call: Made by Vicki Hammah. It cost  her $1 million.
  65. Traffic Warden of the Year: Uncle ABS
  66. Command of the Year: ‘If the kitchen is too hot, get out!’ by Uncle NuNu. First time we ever complained before obeying a military officer.
  67. Confident Man of the Year: Sign language interpreter at Mandela’s funeral
  68. Selfie of the Year: By Barack Obama
  69. Question of the Year: ‘Do you now realise your real size?’ – a question put to Sammy Awuku by Justice Atuguba.
  70. Reporter of the Year: Mabel Aku Baneseh of Graphic, for her excellent reports from the Supreme Court during the Election Petition.
  71. Most abused words of 2013: Pink sheet
  72. Mistaken Identity of the Year: Winneba police shooting their colleagues during a search for armed robbers.
  73. Contract of the Year: SUBAH, who is said to have benefited from an amount of GHC144 m from GRA for jobs (monitor and verify calls of telecom companies for tax purposes) it had failed to execute.
  74. Subject-Verb Disagreement of the Year: “Drug ADDICT is a disease, but many people DOESN’T know.” Comfort Doyoe Cudjoe-Ghansah, Minister of State at the Presidency, during her vetting at Parliament.
  75. Recognition of the Year: Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings’ acknowledgement of Nana Akufo-Addo as a lawyer and asking him to help explain to Ghanaians the meaning of the Supreme Court verdict in the Election Petition.
  76. Showbiz Dancehall Spat of the Year: Between Shatta Wale and Samini
  77. FB Community project of the year: Writing, compilation, publication and online distribution of a book in record time – My Book of #GHcoats
  78. Most Publicized Chopbar of the Year: Sister Akos Chopbar, Bantama. The biggest fan was the Fufu King, Kojo Akoto Boateng
  79. Most Difficult-to-Define Acronym: GYEEDA. It was tough to decide if it was an NGO, a philanthropic organisation, a charity, a human-rights outfit or a job providing entity.
  80. The Most Significant Notification by a Yutong Driver: “We are in first gear.”
  81. Million-Dollar Heist of the Year: Stealing your boss’ cheque book and cashing GHC 800 before being caught.
  82. Forgotten Head-Master of the Year: Koku Anyidoho
  83. Redundancy of the Year: Dr Tony Aidoo’s position being made redundant without his knowledge. In other circles, it is referred to as being ‘promoted aside’.
  84. Comeback of the Year: Zita’s appointment as an Ambassador-designate. It is yet to be seen what her time away has transformed her into: wood or platinum.
  85. Facebook celebrity of the year: Hamdia Issah
  86. The Most Disorganized Show of the Year: RTP Awards. It was so shambolic that the discombobulated nature affected the apology letter written after the effect in an attempt to assuage fans and to promise a better delivery the next time. Considering the quality of the letter, there isn’t much hope that next time will be any better.
  87. Most Useless Arrest Order of the Year: The announcement by the Ghana Police that it was going to arrest Chris Brown after his smoking act on stage during his Hammah dollar event in Accra. If you don’t understand ‘Hammah dollar’, refer to #55.
  88. Comedian of the Year: Madam Akua Donkor
  89. Jostling of the Year: Dr Papa K Mfimfim’s ‘chasing’ of Madam Akua Donkor for his Toyota Tundra
  90. Local Team of the Year: There have been many nominations but still not settled on a clear winner.

Have a Merry Christmas, y’all and may 2014 bring us greater joy! Thanks for reading this blog throughout the year!




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