Theo Acheampong reviews I SPEAK OF GHANA

“…Again, he captures the imperative paradigm of our time of the need for a new generation of THINKERS who will transform this ‘parched’ land called Ghana from the perennial quagmire of poverty and under-development to one in which opportunities exist for all regardless of one’s creed, tribe or party affiliation. This Nana eloquently sums in the following statement: “our generation is the game-changing generation for our country and continent. We cannot join in the chant of our predecessors; we cannot THINK at the same level, we cannot go at the same pace. We are the generation with the greatest exposure to what better conditions can be like – let’s replicate it here.”  i speak of ghana artist impression

I Speak of Ghana carries a powerful message: that of the rallying call for change across our societal strata in Ghana and Africa. It beautifully and humorously tells the Ghanaian story and as well captures our hopes, dreams and aspirations of nationhood for the next half century.”
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Theo Acheampong is a Petroleum Economist, now reading for his PhD in Economics at the University of Aberdeen, UK.

I Speak of Ghana will be launched in Accra on 6 December 2013, at 6pm at Sytris Cafe (Mark Cofie house, Osu, opposite Papaye and in same building with Compu-Ghana).


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