Akosua Steele-Dadzie on I SPEAK ON GHANA

Nana Damoah, Nana Damoah, Nana Damoah! How many times have I written your name? 3? It should have been 100 times! I Speak of GH

I have read I Speak of Ghana. Yes I have. I put down my tab, and go back to read and cringe. I can’t even sing Ghana my happy home again. You could not have a written a better book! Yet again, Nana, I honestly think you are in the minority o, the people who are truly proud as Ghanaians. Why? Because you are one of the few who look beyond party colours, except when it is football.

You have written a book that points out the things that should make us proud, but as well as being frank about the numerous things we do as Ghanaians that take us back. The Ghanaman police will always be my favourite, one actually screamed at me for speaking too much English!

Kudos to you for having pride in our country and giving us hope, if not for ourselves, for the future generation.

Akosua Steele-Dadzie is an educationist based in Ghana and UK.


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