Talking of Books

Just doing a quick random list of books with me in Eko (excluding textbooks):

1. The Scramble for Africa – Thomas Pakenham
2. Goldfinger – Ian Fleming
3. Bor)fo Kasa Ns3mfua Nkyer3ase3 Nwoma – Adwoa Apraku
4. The State of Africa – Martin Meredith
5. The Story of My Experiments with Truth – M K Gandhi
6. Wizard of the Crow – Ngugi wa Thiong’o
7. Rainbox Six – Tom Clancy
8. Tales from Different Tails – Nana A Damoah
9. Excursions in My Mind – Nana A Damoah
10. Things Fall Apart – Chinua Achebe
11. The Trouble With Nigeria – Chinua Achebe
12. The Godfather – Mario Puzo
13. Bu Me B3: Proverbs of the Akans – Peggy Appiah, Kwame Appiah, Ivor Agyeman-Duah
14. Through the Gates of Thought – Nana A Damoah
15. There Was A Country – Chinua Achebe
16. Interventions – Kofi Annan
17. Weep Not Child – Ngugi wa Thiong’o
18. Lincoln – David Herbert Donald
19. Ancient Ashanti Chieftancy – Ernest E Obeng
20. The Adventures of Tom Sawyerr – Mark Twain
21. Twi Kasa Mmara: A Twi Grammar – C A Akrofi
22. The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren
23. The No.1 Ladies’ Defective Agency – Alexander McCall Smith
24. Mine Boy – Peter Abrahams
25. Africa Come Back – Leroy E Mitchell Jnr.
26. The Cardinal of the Kremlin – Tom Clancy
27. Book of Quotations – Geddes & Grosset
28. Speeches That Changed the World – Quercus Publishing
29. Chambers Biographical Dictionary – Una McGovern (editor)
30. Akan Mm3bus3m Bi – Agyewodin Adu Gyamfi Ampem
31. Dictionary of Quotations – Oxford University Press
32. Fine Boys – Eghosa Imasuen
33. 1001 Great Quotes from Great Minds – Thomas J Vilord
34. Churchill – Roy Jerkins
35. Burning Grass – Cyrian Ekwensi
36. Mandela – Anthony Sampson
37. The Audacity of Hope – Barack Obama
38. From Third World to First: The Singapore Story – Lee Kuan Yew
39. The Law of Success – Napolean Hill
40. The Forbes Book of Business Quotations
41. Business Stripped Bare – Richard Branson
42. The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell
43. The Little Brown Book of Ancecdotes – Clifton Fadiman (General Editor)
44. No Longer at Ease – Chinua Achebe
45. Arrow of God – Chinua Achebe
46. The Holy Bible (various versions)
47. Winning – Jack Welch (with Suzy Welch)
48. The Rules of Work – Richard Templar
49. Practical Christianity – Guideposts (Edited by LaVonne Neff et al.)

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  1. Nana, could you please do me a favour? can you kindly get me a copy of Fine Boys by Eghosa Imasuen? I’m dying to read that book. I did not know you were a Clancy fan. Have lots of his books 🙂 By the way, are you now learning Twi my brother?

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