Egg-nomics 101

“How much does an egg cost?”

That may seem like a simple question but it is quite complex. During the early years in my career, I used to travel across Ghana on trade visits, to customers and markets, to monitor quality in trade and also pick up some market intelligence. Once we visited this trader in a kiosk in Saltpond. We asked her the prices of the products of my organisation. “It depends,” she replied in Fanti. We probed and she explained that the prices depended on who was asking. “How much will this product be for someone like me?” I asked. Without batting an eye, she responded “Awoa? Enky3 me dze b3 bo wo tirim!”, to wit she would have sold it at an exorbitant price to me, since I was with a Trooper, and well-dressed etc.

So how much an egg costs depends on who is asking. If it is the government, then you know what’s up.

One “GHC2.50” for your pocket.

guinea fowl eggs


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