Demystifying Law 101 – The Role of Facebook Bar Association by Qouphy Appiah Obirikorang

Law and legal issues always has been an interesting subject due to the excessive use of Latin and other foreign words. It’s always fascinating when those words are thrown about extensively, making the general public nod their heads in agreement and won’t understand the whole drift after the proceedings are over.

The Facebook Bar Association, an advocacy group of pocket and arm-chair “lawyers, met this week to throw more light on some legal terms and make clear the current election petition at the Supreme Court between the two giant political parties. This advocacy is supposed to give you first hand information of what some legal words mean, when they are used:

1. Administrative fiat: the fiat cars which are used by the Lordships for the running of their day to day administrative work. It used to be an Opel and was changed due to the highly volatile nature of Opel
2. Habeascorpus: Normally refers to corpse from Habea, a village near Amasaman. It’s a widely used term in morgues where mortuary men can be heard yelling “who took the Habeas corpus from fridge 1?”
3. Pro Bono: A bono or Brong Ahafo man who is a professor
4. corpusjuris gentium: A gentleman’s corpse
5. Caveat: formula in toothpaste that strengthens cavity
6. Certiorari: “Certificate aa eni ahutor” or missing certificate
7. Bonafide: The larger version of Bona biscuit
8. Affidavit: also known as Afi Davies
9. adjournmentsine die: Ajoss Fashion won’t die (Ajoos is the cast in Akan Drama)
10. Ad hoc: AMA’s ad against hawkers (No Hawking here)
11. A mensaet thoro: Kofi Mensah and his pal Toro
12. Animus revertendi: a reverend father who likes to rear animals
13. Et cetera: the last track on Pete Cetera’s current album
14. Ex gratia: an ungrateful ex
15. Ex postfacto: see Koku Anyidoho’s post
16. Factum:a woman with enough body
17. I putit to you: don’t make me come there and slap you
18. Gravamen:a new hiplife duo
19. in locoparentis: parents working on a locomotive
20. In toto : self explanatory (in Ga)
21. ipsissimaverba: an obaasima who likes to go to Verbs Pub at Madina Estate
22. iudexnon calculat: a non performing Makola calculator
23. jusnaturale: a rastaman in his natural elements (Just Natural)
24. Linguafranca: mixing the Ghana frankaa and China frankaa together. (Frankaa meansFlag in Twi)
25. nemojudex in sua causa: inflammation of the testicles caused by tight jeans
26. percapita: RLG’s new project, one laptop per carpenter
27. Personanon grata: an ungrateful person
28. Prima facie: the natural face before a womanapplies makeup
29. Pro rata: a professional way of rationing water
30. Sinedie: Sine died because Cosine killed it. It’s a mathematical philosophy
31. Suo moto:a broken down okada motor
32. Uno flatu:I didn’t “flatulate”
33. ViceVersa: the names of some Ewe twins



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