Porting to NanaDamoah.Com

I have been blogging since 2006/2007 when the concept was suggested to me by Uncle Samuel Akpan Ekong. Hitherto blogging my writings, I used to send them out via a mailing list on yahoogroups (which started in 2004 and still continues) to friends. Uncle Sam got my writings through his nephew and my friend Nii Amankrah Tetteh and became one of my ardent readers and mentor, supporter and sounding board, albeit online and remote, from the States.

I had no idea of blogging until Uncle Sam mentioned it.

I started blogging from http://www.excursionsinmymind.blogspot.com and ran that site for about 3 years. This was mainly for my reflective essays, most of which were published in my first book, Excursions In My Mind. Alongside, I had two other blogs for poetry and short stories and one for only one-liners and quotations.

In May 2010, I decided to consolidate all my writing into one blog and also change platforms. A new site was born: http://www.nanaaweredamoah.wordpress.com. I imported all my scripts, including book reviews from others, to this one-stop shop. That year, Excursions In My Mind was launched, to be followed in 2011 by Through The Gates Of Thought, and in 2012 by Tales From Different Tails. I stopped posting to blogspot in 2010.

During the journey from 2010 till now, my friend Nana Otu Turkson thought strongly that I needed to have my own domain and even if I was not ready, I should register the domains. To show how serious he was, he went ahead and paid for the domains, both .com and .org for two years.

With the kindness of my writer friend and fellow blogger, owner of the leading news portal site http://www.samuelobour.com, Sam Obour, who has helped with hosting and on-going designing, a new site is now unveiled – http://www.nanadamoah.com

From now till December 2012, I will be doing the transition and keeping both sites active. Already, all the articles and comments on http://www.nananaweredamoah.wordpress.com have been copied to http://www.nanadamoah.com. From January 2013, I will post only to http://www.nanadamoah.com

I will humbly request the 85 followers of http://www.nanaaweredamoah.wordpress.com, who receive posts directly into their inboxes to port to http://www.nanadamoah.com. New subscribers are warmly welcome!

Thanks to all of you who continue to read my works on the blogs, Facebook and other outlets such as Ghana Web, Myjoyonline, Citifmonline and my Friday column in Business & Financial Times newspaper, Excursions In My Mind. You are the reason why I have vim! (apologies to Ato Ulzen- Appiah) to keep writing.

Akpe, Ose, Naagode, Merci, Thank you, Gracias, Shidaa son, Medaase!

Come, port to http://www.nanadamoah.com!

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