DNA musings – 22 June 2012

Two thoughts on my mind this dawn:

Musing #1
Listening to Peace FM this dawn and just heard this advert for a pastor: ‘God doesn’t move unless he passes it through those He has called and annointed…’ and it goes on to mention a pastor’s name, with a nwomkro song to the honour of the pastor playing in the background. This deceit of the people of God must stop. Christ came, and He died and the curtain to the holies of holies was torn so we can have direct access to the Father. Much as you may need a fellow christian (note I didn’t say a priest or a pastor or a bishop) to help you with advise etc, NO ONE is set to be your intermediary to the Lord. That was way before Christ and we should be careful not to go back to those days. Don’t be a lazy christian!

Musing #2
To my lady friends especially: when choosing a life partner, consider this: “Can he manage it if/when I become a successful career woman? More successful than him? Can he cope if I become more successful and known careerwise than him? When it gets to the point where he could be known more as my husband than me as his wife?”

Good morning and have a blessed weekend.


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