RIP Camacho!

The month of May was a difficult one for me and my wife. On Mother’s Day, 13 May 2012, Vivian called to inform that one of her former colleagues and a very good friend of ours, Elizabeth Adjei-Owusu (nee  Tekper), a Deputy Director of the Accra Regional Nursing Services, had been shot and wounded fatally by her husband who also killed himself. Matron, as we affectionately called her, passed away two days later. (See for the full story:

Just as I am still getting over this sadness and planning to go to Ghana for Matron’s funeral, another sad news hits this tired and troubled heart.

I had read the story of the gruesome murder of a Ghanaian in Maryland, USA. The killer went ahead to eat some organs of his dead victim ( I found the news disturbing.

But that wasn’t the hard part. I got up early at dawn today Saturday 2 June to find a mail from one of my classmates, Dr Reynolds Agyare-Frimpong, referring to the same story, adding “All I am saying to myself is hope this is not our own Camacho (aka Oheneba)!” If I remember right, Oheneba was a name gave to him by Dr M Y Woode, one of our lecturers.

That mail from Rey got me searching through my memory, and posting on Facebook to find out if someone could recollect the name too. The picture was too familiar.

I just got the confirmation, sadly, that indeed Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, was my former classmate! He was a year my senior at KNUST, Chemical Engineering. He should have completed in 1998 but joined our class in our final year to complete in 1999. The name didn’t click for two reasons: he was mostly known by his nickname Camacho and it’s been 13 years now since I last saw or heard from him. Reynolds could recollect the face since they were both in Unity Hall.
Jesus Christ! Lord have mercy on our souls, the world is turning into something else! He was a former student of Augusco and should have completed in 1990 or 1992. A very sad day and what a gruesome end of a life that was full of fun and regard for his fellow man. Though our senior, he bonded so well with us in 98/99 when he joined our class.
A hardworking fellow, rest in peace Camacho. I am gutted. This life…

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  1. how sad! another continental i never got to know! another chemineer i couldn’t draw experience from. cruel world!

  2. This is so sad and sickening, Nana. I am at a loss for words. To have died this way. May God have mercy on his soul and Keep him safe in His bosom. The late Mrs. Adjei Owusu was an old gal of ABUGSS! Bepow So Hann! May she rest in peace!

    1. Hmm, such a beautiful woman. When my wife had an accident two years ago, she was our resident doctor. And she loved my wife so much. I will be down for her funeral, least I can do…

  3. Hmm Nana, these are sad stories, the interesting thing is that in that same week of Kodie’s murder there was a report of a man chewing up the face of a living homeless man in Florida, USA who had to be stopped by being shot to death by the police. His girl friend claimed he was under a voodoo curse. Agyei Kodie’s murderer too was intrigued by human sacrifices as his FB page indicated. That week too a porn star killed his male chinese lover in Canada , cut up his body and sent the parts by post to politicians, then run away to Germany where he has been arrested.

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