Eko Encounters: Mainland Maneuvers

29 May 2012

Today is Democracy Day in Amalaman and a holiday. Nasiru is off on holidays and Sundays and yet I needed to go to work. My driving on Sunday 27 May, though just 3 km radius within Ikoyi, had given me some confidence. Our elders advise that if a man who has chewed the gong gong threatens to do same justice to the accompanying stick, you better get him a calabash of water or better still palm wine to wash it down. Doubt not such a man. Or woman. However, the one who starts cracking the shell of a snails has the potential to graduated into splitting that of a tortoise.

The previous day as we returned home from Ilupeju, I took notes of the main landmarks on the route. A signpost here saying straight to Saki, pass under an Etisalat billboard, exit right where it says ‘To Lagos’, drive under a footbridge, keep to the middle lane, etc. Rough notes.

My intention was to set off early, again using the Aferba Principle as described in the post of 27 May. The rains muddied that plan. I had realised that when it poured in Eko, the normal deviates a bit from the datum. So I tarried.

My control tower gave the all clear around 9.30 am. I set off from home, and made a stopover at a hotel close by to see my pal Ngoni. I was quite familiar with the route to Ilupeju after the tale of one wrong turn. Within 20 minutes I was in the office.

It felt good! Of course being a holiday, traffic was light but it was now the mainland I had driven to! The drive on the 3rd Mainland bridge was particularly enthralling.

My return trip was done around 3.30 pm. I studied my notes on the route again. This was the first time I was doing it all on my own, after taking particular attention. As I drove home, recollecting the landmarks and turns, I realised for the first time how well the directional signage on the highways were helpful, and that I could depend on them totally. Signage that showed with lanes to keep in, where the exits were, and to where. Impressed I was. Can someone inform the Bearded Slanger in Kenkeyman to come and learn sometime to implement for once?

Not bad for the attempt on Mainland driving, even if I say so. After all, the agama lizard says if no one will praise him after landing from a fall from the tree, he will praise himself. Small small, the old lady will carry water up the hill, as my friend Nana Asaase the linguistic poet would say. In any case, even the ant reaches its destination.

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  1. Congrats Nana,you need to brave it on one of the working days and drive around Eko yourself.I look forward to seeing you in Lagos soon,I’ve been redeployed to Nigeria but in Kano at the moment.

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