Eko Encounters: Dealing with small flies

I learnt a long time ago in my career that you should not waste your time arguing with those who don’t matter in any matter at hand and deal with the decision maker. It has helped me to keep my composure when people try to irritate you, hehe. I got another opportunity to reinforce this truism. On Friday morning, my colleague Toyin told me we were supposed to change our ID card holders for new ones. She directed me to an office at the main secuirty entrance. Around 9am, I went to the security house, and asked one of the contract security officers, a female, where I could get my ID card holder changed.

“Na this one you dey hold, e no good?” she asked me.

“Where is the office where I can change it?” I retorted, and turned to see a small office. She confirmed that indeed that was the office I was looking for.

I went in, and within minutes I was out of there, with the new holder, embossed with the PZ logo. It was a wholesale change.

Don’t argue with small flies.

In most instances in Ghana, we have small officers who would want to frustrate you to the elastic limits of your patience. I call those people “wannable big men and women in small offices”. Wanting to feel significant, they pump up their pompous selves with air. Learn to ignore their effusions and keep your calm – sometimes they actually matter not. Actually, most times.

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