Don’t They Feel Ashamed?

When our politicians visit abroad, don’t they feel ashamed when they see/experience the facilities that they fail to roll out for the benefit of their citizens back home?
When they visit museums abroad, the latest being President Mills’ visit to the Arlington memorial cemetery, don’t they feel ashamed knowing there is no proper museum in Ghana?
Don’t they feel ashamed when they see pothole-free, wide, good roads with properly functioning traffic lights?
Aren’t they ashamed when they see efficient and effective train and bus systems for metro mass transport?
Don’t they feel ashamed when our international airport looks like a bus terminal in another country?
Aren’t they ashamed at how illiterate our university students are, and how literate their elementary pupils are?
Don’t they feel ashamed when they experience uninterrupted power supply?
Don’t they feel ashamed when they see buildings and other structures properly planned?
Don’t they feel ashamed that their major contribution to education consists essentially of debates on the number of schools under trees before, during and after their respective terms of office?
Don’t they feel ashamed that jobless, hungry, party supporters follow them at rallies sometimes for pittance?
When they take their families to Disneyland, Disney World, and Great Adventures, don’t they feel ashamed they don’t have a single properly designed and built amusement park for our children?
Don’t they feel ashamed when they visit industries over there, knowing the raw materials that fuel them come from our own backyard at outrageously low prices because we fail to add value to them?
Don’t they feel ashamed when they are the ones that have studied and lived in West and yet allow indiscriminate deforestation in Ghana and yet wonder why we are experiencing climatic change? Don’t they know the ill-effects of poor drainage (annual floods and it’s attendant loss of life/property)?
Don’t they feel ashamed when they don’t see a single open drain or gutter?
Don’t they feel ashamed when they visit monuments named after prominent people in those countries and then return home to pass by a stinking Nkrumah Circle?
Don’t they feel ashamed that party foot soldiers are stake holders and hold developments to ransom, when they participate in party activities on invitation?
Don’t they feel ashamed when they are given accurate addresses (house number, block name, street name, geographic positioning) when they travel, yet they have to use gutters, kiosks, plantain sellers and children palying football to direct people to their homes in Ghana?
Don’t they feel ashamed when they go abroad and are able to travel between states easily with well planned rail and bus systems yet back home we don’t have a good enough system so we have to spend hours in traffic bringing down productive hours costing the country a great deal of production time and money?
Don’t they bow their heads in shame that leaders from more prosperous economies live on comparatively more modest budgets? And that some of their ministers go to work in public trains?
Don’t they feel ashamed that public health facilities are ‘jammed’ and in Korle Bu maternity especially most ceasarian operations are in QUEUE with priority given to ‘FIRST TIME BIRTHERS’ and patients have to carry own beddings to wards?
Don’t they feel ashamed when people who attend party rallies abroad are genuine card-carrying members whiles they bask in the glory of being cheered on by 5-Ghana-cedi-plus-free-party-T-shirt -hired crowds?
Don’t they feel ashamed when they superintendent over the deteriorating educational system in Ghana yet send their wards to schools abroad?
Don’t they feel ashamed when decent accommodation is a dream for millions in Ghana, yet is basic in the countries they travel to? (Even Cuba has better housing that Ghana)
Don’t they feel ashamed when a slight drizzle causes flooding at home, yet it rains heavier for days without flooding in other countries?
Don’t they feel ashamed that children who have to be in school or at home relaxing have to dangerously sell in traffic?
Don’t they feel ashamed of the lack of an effective emergency response system (causing avoidable deaths) when help is just a phone call away in those countries they visit?
Don’t they feel ashamed when the national anthem is sang in the nations they visit and everyone is on their feet with hands on chest/breast solemnly yet when they come back their own ministers don’t know the lines to our national anthem and folks especially the youth would rather be facebooking than singing the national anthem. Where did the nationalism Nkrumah and co fight for? Where is the nationalism Sergeant Adjetey and others die for?
Don’t our leaders have any shame?
Do they feel proud of what they see when they get back home after trips abroad?

[With contributions from Akwasi Yiadom, Abubakar Ibrahim, Jonathan Agyeman, Henrietta Hammond-Boadu, Francis Kennedy Ocloo, Efo Kwamiga, Kwame Gyan, Kojo Akoto Boateng, Fanny Awuye, Kola Nut]


8 thoughts on “Don’t They Feel Ashamed?

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  1. How I wish some of these politicians are reading this. Most of them have their children living in these rich countries.

  2. Don’t they feel ashamed when they “WOYOME” the nation’s funds and then go round begging for loans. Atta and Co. must read this article.
    God bless you Nana.

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