Random Ramblings – Mon 23 Jan 2012

About the age of ten, my dad gave his first prophecy about my future career: his son would be an Electrical Engineer. He gave the prediction after observing me move a light fly with a piece of wire. When I was ready to enter secondary school, my dad with the help of  my teacher changed his prophecy: his son would be a Medical Doctor. My headmistress in Ghana National College insisted I studied Biology in sixth form, because of my good grades in the subject in the O Level exams. I chose Mathematics instead. In sixth form, I burnt with the desire to read Computer Science in the University; my mathematics tutor changed that, insisting that I considered a course in Engineering. The main engineering discipline I knew about then was Mechanical Engineering.


During my National Service in my holy village of Wasa Akropong, one of my colleagues was Richard Bessah, who was then a graduate from UST, in Physics. Uncle Bee, as we called him, told me about Chemical Engineering. I decided to apply for those two courses: Mechanical and Chemical. I was offered the latter, which I accepted. After the first semester of School of Engineering, and my struggles with Technical Drawing, I thanked God that I wasn’t offered Mechanical.


I would go on to do a second degree in Chemical Engineering and to also author books.


At dawn today, I was reflecting on what my children would want to be and what they would eventually be, when they grow up. The cycle has started.


Listening to the interviews post the NDC primaries elections, especially with those who were successful in unseating incumbent MPs, I had one key question on my mind: Is there any politician who DECIDES to stand for a position, particularly a parliamentary slot, on his/her own accord without having to respond to the PRESSURE/DEMAND of the people? The oft used line that they had to respond to the call of the people brings them across as people without minds of their own. And why do some of them lose elections if the people are so eager to have them?


Have a blessed week, y’all.

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