‘Tales from Different Tails launched’ by Seth J Bokpe

A new novel, ‘Tales from Different Tails’ was launched  on 1 December 2011 at the Teachers Hall in Accra.
Authored by Nana Awere Damoah, a chemical engineer, the novel is a compilation of eight short stories published in The Mirror and the Spectator.  Designed and published by Multipixel, the 145-page book walks the reader through intricacies of life and teaches patience, perseverance and love. With its thick plots covering themes including love, betrayal and ambition, the book has one of its stories showing the resolve of married women and the extent to which they go to show or betray love and trust. The book is laced with humour and also tells the intricate story of university romance, its expectation, drama and the lessons that come with it.
Launching the book, Mr Charles Cofie, the former Chief Executive Officer of Unilever Ghana, commended the author for the book, which he noted would add to existing store of African tales. He described Nana Damoah’s vivid description of scenes and his witty sense of telling stories as captivating.
Ms Vicky Wireko-Andoh, Immediate Past President of the Institute of Public Relations and a columnist of the Daily Graphic who chaired the function, described the stories as everyday realism. “Indeed, experiences that we encounter at different times, whether it is at the university, on board a ‘trotro’, falling in love for the first time, cheating in a relationship, or as a young man tasting city life fresh from the ‘kokoase’, Nana brings them all live to us and told in a typical folkloric style.  He engages you the reader and holds your attention throughout.  It is a must-read book to relax you and help you to de-stress.  You will laugh all the way.”


She urged Ghanaians to embrace the habit of reading and writing, saying “writing and indeed authoring a book is not the preserve of any one profession.  He has challenged all of us by telling us that it is about time we tried our hands on something else during our spare time.
“Writing starts with putting something down each day.  One day, all that will build up to become a book.  Let us all start to cultivate the habit.  It can start with writing your own biography or racing your family’s history.  Once you can read and write, there is the hidden talent in you,” the former IPR President stated.
Reviewing the book, a Communications Manager of the Newmont Gold Ghana Limited, Mr Kwame Gyan, paid tribute to the writer, saying “Nana carries his reader to a typical scene within the four walls of a typical Ghanaian university and manages to walk you through each setting as though you were sitting around the fires as our fathers used to to hear stories of our ancestors.”
The first copy of the book was auctioned for $1,000. Other books authored by Nana Awere Damoah are ‘Excursions in My Mind’ (2008) and ‘Through the Gates of Thought (2010).’


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