Guest Poet: Theo Aryee – Rescue from Calamity

Merry Christmas!
Born a Saviour!
I bring you good news
About the bad news:

Man is in trouble
Under the rubble
Of the debris that falls free
From the forbidden tree
Of knowledge of good and evil
Calamity brewed by the devil
Disaster of the soul kind
Plaguing all of mankind

Man is drowning!
In the river buried in Eden’s garden
Chartered by Adam
De-silted by Eve

Bad news………
Roots corrupted
Fruits polluted
We draw our first breath crying
Spend a life time dying
Our desires wander like stray dogs in the village nights
Like prodigal children, plunder our heritage rights

We hate what we should love
Love what we should hate
Feed our eyes
Starve our souls
Use candle light
To view the sunlight

More bad news……………..
We’ve turned our backs on heaven
Reasoning our way to hell
We’ve buried our heads in the world
Licking up treasures here on earth
Our feet point to the sky
Kicking against God

Hungry, we reject the Living Bread
Thirsty, reject the Living Water

Indeed, all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God
We have stoked the fire of His fury.
His wrath provoked
His justice invoked
We stand deserving of His condemnation

But the God of Justice
Is also the God of mercy and grace
For in the fullness of time
He planted a seed in a soil never before tilled
Flung a star into the skies
To guide men so wise
Carrying gifts so nice:
Gold – for the royalty
Frankincense- for the High priesthood and intercession
Myrrh – for the coming cross and passion

Oh divinity that sleeps on a virgin’s lap
What humility!
That the King whose is splendour
Majesty and grandeur
Left his brilliance and radiance
Cast away His glory
Clothed with mortality
Housed in a sinner’s womb

Born out of wedlock
In a stable feeble
A trough rough for a cradle
The bleating of sheep His lullaby
Scandal of doubtful parentage
The stigma of a bastard
Target of royal infanticide
Wrestled with pain
Ate the bread of sorrow
Drank the well of reproach
A servant – a suffering servant
Crushed! Crucified!

In the mirror of Christmas
The image is Easter
He was born to die
He died to live
He lives never to die
That all who repent and believe
Will not die but live
If you will admit your are a sinner
Repent of your sin
Place your faith in Jesus Christ
Then you will be saved
Then Christmas will be truly meaningful
I speak as a sinner saved by grace
Struggling with sin daily
Counting on the cross daily
…And here in the grace of God I stand

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